Coat the balcony tiles with a nano-seal

The well-known lotus effect keeps rainwater away from the tiles and from the joints. With a nano-seal, the durability of the flooring can be increased, the sealing of the surface also protects the underlying building fabric. However, the risk of slipping can increase because the floor automatically becomes smoother than usual. What should be considered when painting the tiles?

Paint the tiles on the balcony correctly

The most important point when painting the balcony tiles with a seal is the right choice of the product. Check carefully whether the selected product fits the tile material and the joints, so that no ugly stains are created.

The brushing itself is relatively simple: mask edge zones, paint the edges of the page with the brush, finish, roll out the surface. The surface should be clean and dry.

Tips & Tricks

Never coat in direct sunlight or at temperatures below 5° C. If it gets too hot, the paint dries too quickly and lumps or even cracks form. Even cold does not do the painting well.

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