Build a balcony light protection yourself

The balcony is an important retreat, especially in urban areas. But this urban living also means living closely together with other people and, of course, surrounding balconies. So a privacy screen for the balcony is extremely important. Below we explain to you how you can easily build a privacy screen for your balcony yourself.

The urge of people for nature

Have you ever noticed how many journals and magazines are in magazine departments of stores, especially in the cities, who are vying for buyers with titles like "Landliebe", "Pure Nature" or "Rural Nature Idyll"? In the last 20 years there has been a big trend towards urbanization, that is to say, to life in the big city, which is still continuing unabated.

The balcony is therefore all the more important

So it's obvious what the people in the city lack with lots of concrete, asphalt and hardly any open spaces: nature. The only piece of nature, which is often possible, is the balcony dar. But the least can afford a detached house in the city. Most people therefore live in residential buildings with ten or more residential units. Each of these apartments is equipped with a balcony for new buildings of recent decades.

For a balcony usually has to be equipped with a screen

So that means that balcony protection is essential. But you do not necessarily have to buy it. In particular, since products "off the peg" mostly do not fit anyway, since balconies are not standardized. That's why self-construction is particularly useful for privacy screens. Doing it yourself does not necessarily mean bringing extreme building knowledge. So you can build a privacy screen for the balcony even from the simplest means:

  • Straw, wood or bamboo mats
  • Foils, fabric panels and similar products
  • Plants with tendrils or in pots and window boxes
  • Frames filled with panels of different materials (glass, metal, wood, plastic, etc.)
  • Combinations of the individual possibilities

Self-construction of a balcony light protection

The easiest way is the self-construction of a privacy screen made of bamboo, wood or straw mats. Especially wicker mats or bamboo mats are ideal here. You can already purchase these in different sizes. Pastures are braided. Bamboo is usually split lengthwise and then intertwined with a ribbon next to each other.

At the top you can attach the mats to the railing or parapet. On the floor you can place the mats in a narrow U-profile made of metal, which creates a special visual touch. In addition, some climbing aids or flower pots, which are placed on different levels (using small tables or plant columns, etc.).

Side blinds options

Laterally, you can set up a screen or construct a frame that later fixes a frosted glass plate or another bamboo mat. If you do not have to install a balcony screen without drilling, so you can drill, you can also use this side balcony sunscreen as a windbreak.

Maybe a privacy screen has to fulfill several tasks

In general, you must consider before you build your own privacy screen, whether you want to integrate at the same time a wind and weather protection, possibly even even a heat and / or sound insulation. In addition you must pay attention however also with the self-built balcony light protection legal conditions. Residential buildings with several residential units may also be subject to restrictions imposed by the property management or the owner community or the landlord.

Not every screen is suitable for every balcony and people

In the case of a screen of plants that you want to build yourself, you must again take into account that you also have regular time for your plants. Otherwise, the plants dry out quickly. It also has to be taken into account whether plants would actually thrive on your balcony due to the location of the balcony (north or south side, for example).

Tips & Tricks

If you follow the link, you'll get more ideas for a balcony view. But also to a balcony windscreen made of glass or acrylic glass, you will receive a lot of information in the house journal.

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