Balcony impregnation

The art of protecting against water is not to prevent breathability, because the Diffusibility of building materials (water vapor exchange) is absolutely necessary, Building materials have to be able to "breathe".

An impregnation (such as Ceresit balcony impregnation) acts like a second skin and lets water bead off for a long time, Ideal to use before the winter period, as protection against frost and moisture damage or after the spring cleaning, as protection against the effects of moisture and weather.

Simply clean the floor - apply - wipe - dry rub - done, The impregnating solution dries colorless. In this way, you can easily and quickly prevent damage to joints and surfaces and, under certain circumstances, delay time-consuming renovation work.

  1. Without impregnation, porous tiles, cementitious joints and concrete surfaces are exposed to wind and weather unprotected.
  2. An impregnation is the ideal protection against frost damage and weathering
  3. And this is how you proceed: pour out the ready-to-use impregnation solution.
  4. Spread the impregnation with the rubber wiper.
  5. After 5 minutes of exposure, remove excess material and remove with a damp cloth.
  6. Porous tiles, joints and even cracks up to 0.2 mm have now been waterproofed again for months.

Balcony impregnation: water


Balcony impregnation: balcony


Balcony impregnation: impregnation


Balcony impregnation: balcony


Balcony impregnation: balcony


Balcony impregnation: joints


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