Coat the balcony: waterproofing and aesthetics in one

Ideally, a balcony coating solves two problems at the same time: It effectively seals the surface and provides an aesthetic, robust usable surface that no longer requires any additional flooring. We show you the advantages of such a coating and introduce different systems. Maybe you will find the right solution for your renovation project.

Balcony coating: the advantages

Balcony coating systems have become more and more perfected in recent years, so today they combine many advantages. Benefit from these benefits when applying a high quality balcony coating:

  • effective sealing against moisture
  • Protection of the building fabric against water and frost damage
  • low basis weight
  • low layer height
  • comparatively inexpensive
  • uncomplicated application
  • optionally for pre-damaged or intact surfaces
  • resistant to mechanical stress
  • resistant to chemical agents
  • Customizable surface
  • non-slip due to interference
  • any leaks easily recognizable and easy to repair

Are there any disadvantages?

A disadvantage of the balcony coating is that it is difficult to remove again. Only with strong mechanical use, the plastic can be detached from the ground. Therefore, it is worth considering to seal an old coating and to cover it with a new coating.

How do the sealing systems work?

Balcony seal with Disbon and Dixboxid of Caparol

Caparol offers several highly specialized coating systems for balconies, such as intact mineral floors, damaged mineral systems and tiles. For new balconies without damage offers a one-component, water-dilutable methacrylate dispersion is recommended, which is available in many different shades.

For pre-damaged mineral surfaces, a 2-component system is required, the material made of epoxy resin and polyurethane is mechanically particularly resilient and effectively seals the balcony slab.

All these coatings are multi-layered, they consist for example of a basic intermediate and top coating. Optionally, topcoats are still possible to produce smooth or non-slip surfaces.

Triflex liquid plastic for balconies

Triflex liquid plastics are suitable for coating exterior stairs, balconies and porches. They withstand the weather for many years and protect against moisture, frost damage and corrosion.

The coatings of Triflex are made of polymethacrylate (PMMA), they crack-bridging and dry wear-resistant. In addition, the drying times are relatively short, so that the floor can be used again after a few hours.

Quartz sand dispersions, colored micro chips and tile-like design patterns ensure that the finished coating meets your individual taste. Find out which substrate preparation is necessary.

In the 6th and final part of our balcony renovation series you will learn how to professionally renew your balcony tiles.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to possible scratches and cracks in your plastic coating. If these damages penetrate deeply enough into the material, water penetrates underground and damages the balcony slab in the long run. Repair damaged surfaces as fast as possible!

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