The balcony windbreak

Especially on a balcony, it can be pretty windy. Partly a windbreak is essential, so you can also feel comfortable on the balcony. However, the subsequent installation of a balcony windscreen must take into account numerous aspects that we have summarized for you below.

Especially a balcony is often drafty and windy

Due to the special location, namely high and on a house facade, balconies can be in a particularly exposed position in terms of windfall. It's usually not about such little things as the high-pitched tablecloth or the ashes, which is constantly blown out of the ashtray. It can be quite annoying and uncomfortable if there is constant or frequent drafts.

A windbreak for the balcony is then a must

A windbreak for your balcony helps here. But you can not necessarily attach any kind of windscreen to your liking on the balcony. It depends on many different factors:

  • legal situation (a windbreak can represent a change in the building structure or the façade)
  • Conditions imposed by landlords, house or owner management (maintenance of a uniform façade)
  • Consideration of one's own, individual situation
  • other tasks that the windbreak should possibly meet
  • Fastening possibilities of large windscreens, when strong winds prevail

Building regulations and laws on balcony windbreak

The building regulations must be checked first. Depending on how your windbreak for the balcony fails, the state building regulations of the state in which you live can provide information. But even at the municipal level, there may be special conditions that can be found in the development plan.

Landlords, home and property managers and their views

In addition there are conditions of the landlord, a house or owner administration. For example, a majority of owners often decide what a façade should look like or how structural measures such as wind protection for the balcony may be implemented.

Often only certain requirements have to be met

This may mean that, for example, a windscreen or privacy screen for the balcony without drilling must be attached. But also in terms of materials, colors or the scope of a windbreak, there may be conditions and regulations. You then have to consider yourself as a homeowner as well as a tenant.

If the balcony windscreen is not just to protect against wind

Once these questions have been clarified, it is about which further requirements are placed on the balcony windscreen. Should it be at the same time a privacy screen for the balcony? But also a heat-insulating or shading effect for the rooms behind it can be sought. Likewise, it may be desired that the windshield should only prevent violent wind, but still can provide fresh air.

What is a balcony windscreen suitable for the residents?

As wind protection, after answering these questions, different wind protection options are shortlisted. However, some of these options also need to take into account your personal situation and the position of the balcony. If, for example, you are often away from home for a job for weeks, plants are certainly the wrong choice. You must consider the care required for a natural windbreak from plants.

The right material

But even a north side or a particularly sunny and shady balcony does not necessarily allow any plant that you imagine as a windbreak. Also, if you have little time or are perhaps less experienced in crafting, you might want to have a permanent, virtually maintenance-free installation. For example, plastic instead of wood. Finally, you need to regularly paint a windscreen or privacy screen like a wood balcony.

Tips & Tricks

Glass and acrylic glass are materials that are more and more frequently used as privacy screens in connection with wood and metal frames. They can make you transparent, but also not transparent. You can find out more in the house journal under "Balcony with Plexiglass Windscreen" or acrylic glass as well as "Balcony with windscreen made of glass".

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