To have the balcony tiled anew: what costs are incurred?

The tile replacement on the balcony can be a mere beauty repair, but also a necessary construction measure. If the old tiles just do not look good, they are relatively easy to replace. However, if frost and moisture damage already occurred underground, a complete balcony renovation is required. What costs are incurred for the new tiles on the outside seat?

Material costs: You should rate this for the tiles

In trade, the square meter prices for tiles are usually stated directly. If the price refers to individual tiles or tile packages, a conversion is necessary.

Since you have to determine anyway how many tiles you need for your balcony surface, this hardly causes any additional effort. Natural stone tiles made of granite or marble are particularly expensive, but are characterized by long durability and a very nice look.

Marble tiles cost between 40 and 140 EUR per square meter, and prices for the cheaper ceramic tiles vary greatly. For about 20 EUR per square meter you get relatively good, simple tiles. High quality products with special patterns are of course more expensive.

That costs the tiler

If you can not or do not want to lay your own tiles, you will also pay for the tile maker's work. The prices to be estimated depend not only on the region in which you live, but also on the workload.

The laying of small-scale (mosaic) tiles is, of course, considerably more expensive than when large-area panels have to be glued. The cost of laying tiles on the balcony so very different.

They begin with natural stone slabs in thick-bed process at about 33 EUR per square meter, the simple gluing of ceramic tiles is already possible from about 22 EUR. Special requests such as mosaics, borders or diagonal installation cost extra.

The cost of laying tiles on 15 sqm balcony area

A tiler occupies a balcony with ceramic tiles. The homeowner has knocked off the old tiles by hand and left the further preparation of the substrate to a specialist.

Cost overviewprice
1. ceramic tiles400 EUR
2. further material150 EUR
3. Substrate preparation170 EUR
4. Lay tiles450 EUR
total1,170 EUR

Do not forget additional costs!

  • Sometimes the craftsman has to raise a ground, which then appears in the bill.
  • About 10 to 15% additional costs are incurred when buying tiles due to the planned waste.
  • Added to this are the costs for the tile adhesive, but also for any end strips and silicone seals.
  • Many tilers also charge travel costs.

Tips & Tricks

If the tiler has to laboriously prepare the ground, this increases the costs. Make even the most level, stable ground possible in order to save costs. Who dares, laid the tiles by hand.

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