Provide the balcony with a privacy screen

A private balcony should be protected from overly intense views. Especially when the outside seat on the 1st floor is near the sidewalk or the windows of the neighboring house are directly opposite, a privacy screen is required. This should not only secure the private atmosphere, but also look as beautiful as possible. We have some interesting suggestions for you.

At these points you can attach a privacy screen

  • laterally at the narrow end as an optical border to the neighboring balcony
  • all around in the railing area
  • around the railing, towering over the parapet
  • as full-surface complete privacy screen

Balcony covers and privacy mats

The most well-known visual protection types for balconies are balcony covers and privacy mats for railings. Coverings are usually made of plastic tarpaulins or awning fabric and are arranged in the lower price category. Decorative prints can make them an eye-catcher.

Screening mats are often made of natural materials such as bamboo and willow. Also bark, reed and dried fern fronds are used in this area. A particularly rustic look is provided by heather roots, which can also be greened.

Also plastic in wood or metal decor is offered as a privacy mat. These products are often UV-resistant and durable, but the quality is variable.

Side awnings and screens

Side awnings are ideal for protecting balconies on the narrow sides from prying eyes. They come in different colors and they can be taken off as needed. Stable awnings also provide good wind protection.

Side compartments have a particularly decorative effect, they can be folded when not in use and provided with a protective cover. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, according to your personal taste.

Other blinds for the balcony

Even awnings, electric or manual, can serve as a screen due to their angle of inclination. Likewise, the balcony curtains and sliding shutters often used as sun and wind protection offer.

The most natural sight protection is provided by plants of all kinds, whether in window boxes or in flower pots on the floor. Trees and shrubs, even small balcony hedges give rise to a pleasant garden feeling. Unfortunately, this variant of the privacy screen is relatively maintenance-intensive.

Artificial plants that look almost like real, are an interesting alternative to the natural green balcony. For outdoor use, they should be made of weather- and UV-resistant material. Here is the care instructions: dust regularly, done!

In the 5th part of our series on balcony design you will learn how to create a green oasis.

Tips & Tricks

If your balcony is already green, you should take care when attaching the screen, that sun-hungry plants do not fall behind. Maybe a re-sorting of the flower tub is due.

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