Simply build ball wells yourself

A particularly noble example among the fountains for the garden is probably the Kugelbrunnen. He is relatively easy to build himself. However, it can be a bit tricky to drill a hole in the selected ball. But that's not always necessary, because there are countless types of great, particularly attractive bullets that have already been drilled for this purpose.

Drill ball

The biggest problem, as I said, is the piercing of the ball. If this is made of ceramic or clay, you can pierce it quite slowly on a slower step with a stone bur. This is much more difficult with granite or marble balls.

First, a small hole should be drilled with a thin drill and only then drilled through the ball with a thicker drill bit. It may even be necessary to drill three holes in stages until the chosen tube fits through the ball.

Select bowl

The shell should be at least one third larger than the ball, so that the ball can unfold the full effect. A smaller similar cup with a hole should be used to hold the ball securely. Many home improvement use only a few stones to secure the ball, but then the hose can easily slip and the flow of water comes to a standstill.

Required parts for the ball well

  • Bullet
  • Bowl
  • Holder for the ball
  • Decoration
  • possibly gravel
  • foil
  • pump
  • hoses
  • distilled water

Tips & Tricks

You can also use a mason trowel or a tub and dress it up with a wooden frame. There is now even stone plaster that adheres to plastic. For example, a lightweight plastic tub later looks like a heavy marble vessel.

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