Are bananas better in the fridge?

Bananas are still among the favorite fruits of the Germans, although they actually do not belong in our climate zone. So sweet, healthy and rich is the crooked fruit, that from the toddler to the grandmother hardly anyone would like to do without it. And best of all, you can even chew them without teeth! Unfortunately, bananas quickly become soggy at room temperature. Is it useful to store them in the fridge?

How do bananas react in the fridge?

Anyone who has ever put their bananas in the fridge will have noticed that they get darker in the icy temperatures even faster than usual. The cold stimulates the enzyme polyphenol oxidase, which turns the shell black.

This is a different process than ordinary aging! Blackened bananas only look like they are no longer edible. But the pulp stays fresh longer than when stored warm.

Unfortunately, the dark color of the cooled bananas scares off many people, because the eye finally eats with it. However, there is an easy way to get the appetizing yellow of the fruit in the fridge!

So bananas in the fridge stay longer yellow!

In order to keep your bananas fresh for a long time and yet not to give up the beautiful yellow color, simply proceed as follows:

  • Pack the bananas in a plastic bag.
  • Put the packed bananas in the fridge compartment: It's not that cold here.
  • Do not keep the bananas in the refrigerator longer than normal.
  • Get your fruit out of the fridge some time before eating, because cold bananas do not taste good for everyone.

These important points should be noted when storing bananas

There's nothing like always having tasty bananas in the house! But who wants to go shopping all the time to get fresh food every day? If you pay attention to some things when storing bananas, you can easily buy a whole swing at once:

  • Instead of storing the bananas in the fridge, simply wrap the brown stem with cling film or a freezer bag, which keeps the fruit fresh for longer.
  • Unripe bananas do not belong in the fridge at all, because that stops the maturing process. Let your fruits ripen at room temperature first.
  • Do not store your bananas in close proximity to apples because they release ethylene, which makes bananas spoil faster.

Tips & Tricks

Some banana experts suggest simply peeling off the blackened shell with bananas stored in the refrigerator and placing the pulp in a tightly closed box. Afterwards, the edible interior of the bananas will last for a few more days.

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