Band Contests: Entrance Fees to Enter (Offtopic-Blogparade!)

Band Contests: Entrance Fees to Enter (Offtopic-Blogparade!): entrance

Why do I participate in blog parades? First, I like to read writing myself. Second: I like to write the frustration of the soul, even if it is not always about home improvement, as in this blog parade on entry prices. Therefore, a heartfelt thank you to Eva Schumann, who gave me the opportunity to write in her blog. Others may have had similar experience with entry fees and may comment a bit.

My most expensive admission price I probably put down as a spectator at a band competition. Not much music, a lot of tare and an extremely transparent money bush concept, with which the organizer does not stare at fame, but promises just that to his bands.

I do not want to announce what the contest was, but the name sounds more like an accident than a band contest. Well, in the end, it was also a huge accident. As it turned out, not only for me as a visitor, but also for the band I was there for.

Band Contests: Entrance Fees to Enter (Offtopic-Blogparade!): entrance

Rock, until you drop, gladly without money. Bandcontests get high ticket prices, bands get nothing!

I was proud of my buddies when Kay, who plays the guitar in his band, one day called me and cheered: "We play in Bochum! In the Matrix, at the band competition! "He already has tickets. That same day, I picked one up and marveled: 10 euros in advance sales? For a bunch of unknown bands delivering a contest? But no matter, it was about my buddy's band, and also that I wanted to vote for them, so they can go a round. But the ticket price was not the only thing that astonished me: The front of the ticket was full of sponsors' logos, all small to the point of no-go and pressed to the edge in a row. And I pay 10 euros? If the cards look like this, then the entire event had to be paid for by the sponsoring until the next Cretaceous. But no matter, I thought, bought is bought, and finally came the day I visited my friends in the Bochum matrix.

When the guys had set up, I had the opportunity to talk to Kay for a chat with the beer stand.

"How long do you actually play?" I wanted to know. Kay looked a bit down to the floor. "20 minutes," was his curt answer. Oha, I thought. 20 minutes, and I pay 10 euros? But I kept on drilling, and it got worse. How many laps did they have to survive to reach the final? I asked.
"Four," he said.
I waved my ticket: "If I want to vote for you at each of the four concerts, do I have to pay 10 euros each time?" Kay nodded and his face grew longer.
"And extra for the final?"
"Are you getting Gage?"
Kay snorted, then looked sad again. As he pouted, I expected. Eight bands were supposed to play here, until the finals each round was played in four German cities in parallel. And the participating bands immediately approached their fans by bus, so that they could vote for their darlings by hand signals. The whole time 10 euros, four times and again four. Then the final. And the sponsorship! The organizer earned a golden nose and the bands went out empty. Surely you could win as a band, if you brought most of the fans. It was really easy to just bring in hundreds of people, each of whom was willing to invest 50 euros so the band would end up getting a record deal as the grand prize.

I went out to get a breath of fresh air and witnessed the organizer not only making money on the visitors, but by opaque terms clauses also at the bands themselves. At the cash register I saw Martin, another buddy of mine. He was the mixer for Kay's band and wanted to get in to make the sound for the guys. However, there was a small problem: The boys did not know that they had to specify him as a band member, even if he was just the mixer. Now he had to pay admission. The organizer was not dissuaded from that. Despite the shout that my people organized. A very bad joke, something you can not tell a musician, because he immediately chokes on his beer!

My boys played their four songs, I gave my vote, along with our other friends and then we drove home again. After all, they have advanced one lap. But if that was the 10 euro value? Four songs, the first night, the band without fee and then poor Martin? The next time I take more of a monthly rent for their rehearsal room, as I have to look at such a tragedy.

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