Restrict band saw - how does it work?

Saws sometimes need to be set - this also applies to the band saw. What the cabinets are made of, what you have to pay attention to, and how to proceed with cabinets is described in this article. In addition, what you need to do the cabinets yourself.

Cabinet saw cabinets

If a saw has been sharpened several times, it is necessary to re-limit the teeth of the saw. The cabinets serve to avoid sticking of the saw.

To achieve this, the teeth of the saw are bent slightly outwards, alternately left and right. Then the cutting width in the workpiece is significantly larger than the saw blade and sticking is excluded.

But not all saw blades are limited - so-called Stellite bands often have no setback and therefore do not need to be limited.

Cabinets and sharpening

Over time, all saw blades will lose their setting, even when sharpening the saw, the setting (the so-called "cabinet") is reduced. This also suffers the performance of the saw, it is heavier and can also balk in extreme cases.


The width of the cabinet is usually 1.5 times the saw blade thickness. In some cases, a higher cabinet can be used - in most cases, but sticks to the given standard.

It is limited to about one third of the tooth height - only in extreme cases can be limited to half the tooth height, but this is not common with band saws.

The setting must be made absolutely evenly, otherwise the saw will "pull" strongly towards the side where the setting is greater. This leads to restless running, lower cutting performance and high wear of the saw blade.

Tools for the band saw

Band saws can be very well restrained with special cupboards. Usually, these devices can be adapted to different bandwidths. They work fast, efficiently and completely evenly.

Cabinet units are indeed available from specialist dealers, but usually they are intended for commercial use and are relatively expensive. Only a few devices are designed for smaller users. Occasionally one finds also used devices, which is however rare.

It is best in most cases, the cabinets (as well as the sharpening) done by a specialist.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to sharpen or sharpen your band saw yourself, you also have to dress and restrict it. That is indispensable. You need to restrain after several sharpnesses to restore the constraint.

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