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  • Band saws are saws for particularly precise cuts. They usually have their own small table, which is why they are also called table band saws. The saw blade is a band that passes through the saw table.
  • There are two types of band saws: wooden band saws and metal band saws, which specialize in the respective material types.
  • The band saw blade cuts thin plates, such as extra thick bars or tubes. Depending on the choice of saw blade cuts are fine or coarse.

Band saw comparison 2018: 2018

1. Sawing as on the assembly line: the best thing about a band saw

Band saw comparison 2018: blade

The saw blade runs once through the whole machine and is only exposed on the saw table (Pictured: Scheppach HBS 20).

The special feature of band saws compared to other saws is that your saw blade never needs to be reset, It literally runs on the assembly line and thus enables particularly clean cuts.

On jigsaws and table saws, the height of the saw blade is also severely limited. Saw blades of band saws allow much higher saw diameter.

Besides, band saws can be extra special compared to other saws just as well as doing free cuts, Circular saws and table saws are good only for straight cuts. Jigsaws only shine with freely curved cuts.

The only flaw in band saws is that they take up a lot of space. If you want to take a closer look at the other saw types:

Band saw comparison 2018: blade

Known wood band saw manufacturers also produce metal band saws. For example, Bernard, Güde and Holzmann (Pictured: Bernardo EBS 115).
  • For a table saw comparison
  • For jigsaw comparison

2. A band saw for wood or metal?

Band saws can be divided into two categories: in wood and metal band saws. In most table band saw tests Wooden band saws are almost always on the Internet, But strictly speaking, the metal band saws are also part of the table band saws.

This is partly due to the fact that the first band saws for sawing firewood were thought, therefore, in addition to band saw tests also separated metal band saw tests are found.

In this band saw comparison 2018 we present you both current band saw types together:

Bandsaw typeparticularities

Band saw comparison 2018: blade

  • Specialization: wood, plastic
  • Saw blade remains firmly in one position and the table may tilt (also vertical band saw).
  • The workpiece is loose and is guided against the saw blade.
  • There are models with their own feet and for mounting on workbenches.
The metal cutting

Band saw comparison 2018: blade

  • Specialty: metal, glass, plastic
  • Saw blade can be swiveled or adjusted to various positions.
  • The workpiece is clamped and the saw blade is guided against the workpiece (also horizontal band saw).
  • There are models with their own feet and for mounting on workbenches.

2.1. Special variant 1: Handbandsaw

Band saw comparison 2018: saws

Hand band saws can even be used overhead when working (picture: Bosch Professional GCB).

Another variant of the band saw is the so-called hand band saw. It falls out of the frame of the typical band saw, since they are used mobile and (as the name implies) is passed by hand.

This little bandsaw, mostly in metal work in use, is limited by its battery in the sawing performance compared to the larger band saws.

For on-site mounting, when metal pipes or struts need to be made to measure, this band saw is particularly practical.

2.2. Special variant 2: Log band saw

As mentioned above, the first band saws were used for firewood. With them you trimmed long logs on the assembly line to the desired size. Today, log bandsaws and seesaws perform these tasks.

Band saw comparison 2018: band

On the log band saw, large blocks or logs are pushed into the saw blade via the band saw attachment (Pictured: Bernardo 14-1302).

3. Purchase advice for band saws

Band saw comparison 2018: saws

Precise and easily adjustable must be good tool; unexpensive.

Before you choose a band saw test winner or comparison winner from the Internet, we show in our purchase advice the most important criteria that you should pay attention when buying, because expensive brands do not always have to be better.

3.1. Which material: wood vs. metal

Before you buy a band saw, the question arises: What do you want to saw? If you mainly want to cut wood, only wood band saws come into question. With these devices you can cut to a limited extent and thin plastic and metal tubes, All you have to do is insert a suitable saw blade.

If you want to cut solid metal bars or even iron bars, then it should be a metal band saw. It is designed to to cut through particularly strong materials.

3.2. How big is the material?

Band saw comparison 2018: 2018

Free shapes are easier to saw on a large saw table (Pictured: Metabo Bas 260 swift band saw).

Depending on what you have in mind as a craft project: pay attention to the maximum cutting height to be cut, With 170 mm you tend to have a long height. 80 mm are however small and are more suitable for the model construction.

The table size of the band saw is not uninteresting if you want to saw free shapes in plates (for example, a puzzle).

3.3. How firm or thick is the material?

If you only saw thin workpieces, such as wood panels, then it pays to pay attention to a particularly fast tool. With meters per second (m / s), the speed of rotation of the saw blade is specified. To the 14 m / s is a rather fast band saw,below 5 m / s, however, is slow.

If the speeds can also be regulated, then you have a particularly comfortable band saw. In addition to the speed, the sawing power of the machine is also interesting. You will not find numbers like Newtonmeter for this.

The Wattage of the motor can serve as an indicator of a powerful machine, This is just an indication but not a guarantee that a saw with a lot of watts is also very strong.

Band saw comparison 2018: blade

With adjustable parallel stops, you can cut clean cuts at different angles (Pictured: Record Power BS 350s Premium Band Saw).

3.4. How elaborate do you want to saw?

Precise angle cuts or workpieces that need to be precisely matched to each other require assistance. In wood saws are Angular cuts usually possible by tilting tabletop.

On the table By metal band saws, the saw blade can be adjusted accordingly, Table saws for wood cut straight through boards with a rip fence.

3.5. Equipment?

Band saw comparison 2018: comparison

Saw bands are easily reordered as a spare part. The illustrated blades are, for example, compatible with the bandsaw from Elektra Beckum and Metabo.

Most of the band saws are given a saw blade. This is usually suitable for simple sawing work. This is handy if you have no special requirements and want to submit the band saw to a first test.

For different types of material (such as plastic, wood or metal), however, suitable saw blades must be used. As well There are different leaves for coarse or fine cuts.

Sophisticated home improvement should not only look for available saw blade types, but whether spare parts are available for her model. Anyone who works frequently with his band saw will soon have to wear out and, for example, have to replace the V-belt.

Saw it endlessly: Who intensively uses his band saw should do that Clean bandsaw and band saw guide regularly, Dried resin clogs the machine and leads to inaccurate cuts.

If you oil the tool, it will hardly be noticeable even after years that the band saw is needed.

4. Frequently asked questions about band or table band saws

Sawing like a pro

Professionals always keep their sawing surface clean. Either use a hand brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove sawdust from the workpiece. No matter which saw type: Protective gloves and goggles are required, This is also recommended by the experts of Stiftung Warentest.

To make particularly clean cuts, it is not enough to just record the saw line, but The line should be scratched beforehand with a craft knife, To prevent professionals from splitting too much wood from the surface and accomplish masterful cuts even with cheap bandsaws.

4.1. How does a band saw work?

The saw blade of the band saw is a long metal strip that was welded into a ring, This "saw blade ring" is the band saw blade. The saw blade is inserted into the band saw and passes through the inside of the machine. Only at the saw table of the tool, the blade is free for sawing and is visible to the user.

4.2. How do I operate a band saw?

Band saws for wood are similar to table saws: The machine is switched on and the workpiece is slowly pushed against the saw blade.

Metal band saws are similar in operation to chop saws: The saw blade is freely operable and is guided against the clamped workpiece.

4.3. How do you stretch a band saw?

Almost all band saws for wood have on the top of a screw for clamping the saw band. Use them wisely, otherwise the saw blade breaks.

On tensionIf the cuts of the saw become more inaccurate than at the beginning, then it's time to stretch the saw blade. Over time, each blade sags and sags laxer than before. This is not a concern but normal wear and tear.

4.4. How do you put together a band saw?

If you have different band saw blades, you will want to store the leaves you do not need in the cupboard. But saw bands of large saws can have a diameter of about 1.5 meters and fit in their entirety in any cabinet.

Luckily the saw bands are foldable. With work gloves, you can fold the saw blade like a big, stiff rubber band: First put it together in the form of an "8", The saw blade will roll. Leave these rolls as they are and just grab them at the top edges.

Not unlike a lasso, you can now see the individual rings in one hand to a uniform size, The final "ring bundle" can easily be stored in a large drawer.

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