Treat Bankirai - is this necessary?

The terrace from Bankirai is usually not exactly cheap - and with wood, which is exposed to the weather completely defenseless, many are very worried, if not a protection is necessary. Whether you should treat Bankirai, in which cases this makes sense, and what you should do best, you will learn in this post.

Resilience of Bankirai

Bankirai is a tropical wood, and therefore completely immune to all the pests and fungi that occur in our latitudes. A wood protection for these reasons is therefore not necessary. Due to the high hardness of the wood, the surface does not necessarily have to be protected against abrasion because it is very durable. Any visible traces of pests are harmless, as they have already formed on the living tree, and after the impact of the wood the pest dies.

Lower fungus resistance in low-quality wood species

Only with inferior types of wood used (under the trade name Bankirai very different types of wood are sold), it may happen that a resistance to fungi is not one hundred percent. If one has this suspicion, a suitable wood protection is recommended (painting with approved wood preservative of use class 4, with impact mark P, possibly also PW)


However, one problem Bankirai actually brings with it is graying. Over time, and due to the constant weather conditions, a silvery gray patina forms on the Bankirai. This is very natural and does not damage the wood, this patina also provides additional protection of the wood from decomposition.

Prevent graying

If you prefer to keep the original tone of your wood, it is advisable to oil the bankirai wood thoroughly. Special oils are available for this (others should not be used). It is important to ensure sufficient UV protection for the oil (UV radiation produces the patina). Treatment must be repeated at least once a year to maintain protection. With heavy use of the terrace you can also oil more often.

Protection against excessive bleeding

The constant or heavy bleeding of bankirai wood is a sign of inferior quality wood. If you have this problem you can either oil your bankirai or use other protective coatings. A surface protection prevents the dark wood components from escaping in large quantities and then also polluting other parts of the terrace.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to lubricate your Bankirai, you should do that at the earliest two weeks after laying. Up to there, the woods darken a bit and slightly change their color nuance due to the weathering. This will give you a smoother color image.

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