Paint the beams inside and out

The big difference in bar painting is in the inner or outer layer. While conventional wood colors are sufficient indoors, glazes and protection against fungal and mold attack and against rotting must be used for exterior beams. Whether impregnation is required depends on the type of wood.

Internal wooden beams

A distinction can be made between truss beams and support beams in the building. In an old building, the painting of supporting and supporting wooden beams is often very expensive. The beams, some of them over one hundred years old, are extremely hard and can hardly be sanded or sanded down.

For younger wooden beams and the roof structure, the sanding is usually easily possible. In an unheated attic, where the rafters are located in a laterally open loft, the painting should take place up to the UV protection as in the outdoor area.

Alternatives to colored paint such as white the wooden beams are oiling, liming or plastering. Painting is carried out in the same way as painting any other wooden surface.

Exterior wooden beams

In all exposed to the weather wooden beams, the question arises, how they must be treated or impregnated. In Germany six classes of use (Gk) and their corresponding wood protection measures are defined.

  • Gk0: Constantly dry interior wood without insect attack. No wood protection necessary.
  • Gk1: Constantly dry interior wood with insect attack. Insect repellent paint.
  • Gk2: Sometimes damp wood like in basement and wet rooms. Insect and fungal protection.
  • Gk3.1 and Gk3.2: Wood without permanent earth and moisture contact with or without expected water enrichment. Insect, fungal and leaching protection.
  • Gk4: Permanent contact with soil and moisture: Insect, fungal and leaching protection

When painting wooden beams outside, it must also be noted whether there is constant sunlight and whether precipitation reaches the wood. All wood preservatives must be approved by the building authorities.

Impregnations are mandatory for conifers. Most deciduous and tropical shrubs can also be painted outdoors in the conventional way. Very old and very hard beams can usually be prepared well by sandblasting for a coat of paint.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that waterborne stains can cause discoloration if you do not apply the required primer.

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