Build barbecue yourself

Build barbecue yourself

Building instructions for barbecue, charcoal grill and barbecues

Build barbecue yourself: build

The barbecue season starts again and with it the time to plan the next barbecue party. Whether grilling on barbecue grills with mobile barbecues or in your own garden: grilled meat and vegetables and can be enjoyed in many ways.

Garden owners can set up their own barbecue areas with comfortable barbecue stoves and cozy sitting areas. Advanced barbecues even venture into stone ovens or smoked ovens.

On this page we have the right building instructions for every level of difficulty, with the beginner and advanced build the different grill models themselves.

Table of contents on the topic of building a barbecue yourself

  • Mobile Grills: charcoal grills, barbeque grills and cannon grills
  • Building barbecue facilities: Masonry stone barbecues and garden barbecues
  • Construction plans: barbecue facilities, barbecue corner and grill tables
  • Grill carts: Grillcaddy and mobile garden kitchen
  • Build barbecue accessories yourself

Construction plans for barbecues and garden tables

In addition to the links with free blueprints, you will find further building instructions for special grills and barbecues as well as for garden furniture:

  • Build oven and pizza oven yourself
  • Build smoker and smokehouse
  • The large garden furniture blueprint archive

Advice pages about grilling:

  • Build Smoker yourself
  • Portable grill for Father's Day
  • barbecue in the garden
  • Everything about gas grill
  • Weber grill

Mobile Grills: charcoal grills, barbeque grills and cannon grills

Brazilian barbecue with the Churrasco Grill

Instructions for a skewer grill and tips on Brazilian churrasco grilling

Cheap DIY grills

Construction instructions for grills made of recycled material (shopping trolleys, flower tubs, hard disk holders.) Construction description with video from the program "Abenteuer Leben".
in adventure life (cable 1)

Portable Hog Barbeque [PDF]

Portable grill for pork with rotatable grill chamber
at North Dakota State University

Building barbecue facilities: Masonry stone barbecues and garden barbecues

Cinder Block Fireplace

Brick masonry barbecue made of cinderblock-shaped bricks yourself - Illustrated blueprint
at Gary's BBQ-Pit

garden kitchen

Grill with pizza oven build yourself - Detailed, illustrated building report
at Gardelino

How to build an outdoor kitchen

Video tutorial for a garden kitchen with brick counter and a grill
at WonderHowTo

Construction manual for swing grill

Instructions with video for the construction of a masonry swivel grill
in adventure life (cable 1)

How They Cook Hawgs in Mississippi

Construction plan for a large barbecue for grilling whole pigs
at The Beerdrinkers Guide to Cooking

Barbeque Pit [pdf] [PDF]

Brick barbecue with storage space - Material list and sketches with dimensions
at North Dakota State University

Outside Fireplace / Picnic Table [PDF]

Brick barbecue with picnic table - construction drawing as PDF
at North Dakota State University

3 Stoves: Concrete, Stone, Brick [PDF]

Construction plan for a stone barbecue or stove made of stones, cement and bricks as PDF
at North Dakota State University

Construction manual barbecue

Illustrated construction manual for a garden grill made of gabions and stones.

Build outdoor bar and grill

Detailed guide with photos for an outdoor bar made of natural stones with barbecue
at DIY network

How to Build a Brick Barbecue

Basics and tips for building a brick barbecue for outdoors
at Do it yourself

Dave's Brick Barbecue Pit

Masonry barbecue with open fire and chambers for coal and grilled food
at Lexington Collection

The Sexiest Grill from Outer Space

Barbecue with cement foundation and integrated grill food shelf
Roy Kabel and Brigitte

Fire in the Pit - Outdoor Kitchen

Elaborate barbecue with small kitchen for outside - brick wall and tiled with gas grill
at This Old House

Wall barbecue yourself [PDF]

Garden grill made of channel clinker and ready-mixed mortar for garden and terrace build yourself
at Tom Photo

Construction plans: barbecue facilities, barbecue corner and grill tables

Picnic table with benches

Build a picnic table yourself - with construction sketches and material list.

Sheltered Bar-B-Q-Pit [PDF]

Construction plan for stone barbecue with roof - With construction sketches and different views
at North Dakota State University

Brick BBQ grill

Detailed instructions with photos for a brick barbecue
at Black and Decker

Grill carts: Grillcaddy and mobile garden kitchen

The Roll-Around Barbeque Cart

Mobile grill cart as a storage place - building instructions with drawings
at Home & Garden Television

Barbecue in "Shaker Style"

Two-part project report on the construction of a barbecue car made of Abachi wood as a base for a gas grill.
at Alwaysworkingman

garden kitchen

Grill car with shelf and sink on castors - Illustrated instructions for an outdoor kitchen
at OBI

Grill Caddy

Plans for a mobile grill cart for the outdoor kitchen made of solid wood leftovers. Illustrated instructions and blueprint as PDF download.
at Westfalia Versand

Kitchen cart with rollers

Construction manual for a mobile kitchen cart made of MDF boards. Optionally, a worktop made of oiled beech wood can be added.
at Westfalia Versand

Build grill car yourself

Construction manual for a barbecue trolley made of wood

Build barbecue accessories yourself

Kitchen box for the garden

Kitchen cabinet to unfold for barbecue utensils in the garden

The Troop 21 Kitchen Box

Mobile catering box for picnicking or barbecuing with compartments and storage

Tundra grill with flame salmon board

Illustrated manual for flame salmon boards at the tundra grill.

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Video Board: DIY Barbecue Grill Cart. Build it yourself! Easy woodworking project.