Barbecue Cutlery Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the grill cutlery comparison or test 2018

  • Every good barbecue needs appropriateEquipment for grilling, These include the grill fork, the grill turner and of course the barbecue tongs.
  • The handles Cutlery should be made of wood or plastic to insulate the heat of the heated metal and hands to protect against burns.
  • The barbecue cutlery should have a certain minimum length dispose of yours hands too much direct heat too protect, This length should be at at least 40 cm lie in order to have an acceptable distance to the grill embers.

Barbecue Cutlery Comparison 2018: barbecue

Barbecuing is not just preparing meat or vegetables on a grill - it is a social event with friends or relatives, a passion for many people. It is operated in different variations all over the world and especially in the summer, the Germans are at the forefront of grilling.

Accordingly large is the range of grill models and the grill accessories for a successful barbecue. In our Barbecue Cutlery Comparison 2018 We present a number of available cutlery sets from different brands and help you with our buying guide in choosing the perfect for you cutlery.

1. Barbecue cutlery - what counts for the basic equipment?

Passionate barbecues should definitely include a grill cutlery case as standard. These often also contain more than the so-called basics, such as a barbecue thermometer or grill tweezers. For beginners such a suitcase is not mandatory at the beginning - in this case, the grill sets are a practical alternative to slowly approach the "science" of grilling.

Grill turner

Barbecue Cutlery Comparison 2018: grill

Burnt meat or vegetables are the horror of any grill. To prevent that, you can Use the grill turner to turn your meat or vegetables comfortably, Many Hobbygriller alternatively use a simple fork or the corresponding grill fork, which should be omitted, however, to avoid that emerges from the meat gravy - in this way, the meat would only dry. Thanks to its wide surface Not only can several sausages be turned at the same time with the grill turner, but the meat can also be served directly on the plates.

Barbecue Cutlery Comparison 2018: comparison

The barbecue tongs is an indispensable helper in the successful barbecue. The Food is thus quickly and easily laid on the grillwithout greasing your fingers with marinade or even burning them.
barbecue fork

Barbecue Cutlery Comparison 2018: grill

The grill fork really should only for large meat dishes and vegetables be used because the piercing in meat ensures that the gravy escapes and the meat dries out. For heavy chunks, the grill fork is still better than the barbecue tongs.

2. This should be considered when buying your barbecue cutlery test winner

The right grill for every occasion

Of course, the variety of items grows with the demands of the users. We have already compared some utensils and grill models. If you are more interested in a category, click on the corresponding comparison:

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  • to stainless steel gas grill comparison
  • for electric grill comparison
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  • to the swing grill comparison
  • to the table grill comparison
  • to the smoker comparison
  • to smokehouse comparison

2.1. Handle

The Handle On the grill cutlery not only serves the handling of the cutlery, but should also preventthat the resulting Heat to the hands arrives. Important is therefore a heat-resistant material that is not thermally conductive. The ideal materials for this are the materials wood or plastic.

2.2. material

The most commonly used alloy of barbecue cutlery is the stainless steel alloy, She is known forfood-friendly to be, because it leaves no residue. Stability also plays an important role in the choice of alloy, as barbecue tongs should be able to grasp and hold certain sizes of meat reliably. Some manufacturers use for the barbecue cutleryWoodbut it wears off faster, can splinter and in case of contact with an open fire in the worst casecatch fire.

2.3. length

The length is not only importantbut one of the main reasons for the purchase of barbecue cutlery. Because even the indirect heat of a barbecue can be very uncomfortable, if not painful, if you approach it too much with your hands. That's why good barbecue cutlery at least 40 cm long to adequately protect the user from the heat of your charcoal grill or gas grill.

3. Care and cleaning tips

The cutlery, which is represented in our grill cutlery comparison 2018, requires no special care. It can be quite normal warm water and with dish soap be cleaned. Cutlery, which consists exclusively of stainless steel or plastic, can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, but with wood portions, the barbecue cutlery should be washed by hand.

For blunted blades: Grill forks or grilling knives, which lose their sharpness over time and after prolonged use, can be resharpened by a knife sharpener, a grindstone or a sharpening steel.

Barbecue Cutlery Comparison 2018: grill

4. Questions and answers around the topic of barbecue cutlery

4.1. How durable is barbecue cutlery?

Of course, how long you enjoy your barbecue utensils depends on the quality and workmanship of the material that makes up the cutlery. Wood parts age faster than plastic or stainless steel products.

Barbecue accessories stainless steel is the long term the better choice for your barbecue, but can also have its weak points, which are mainly found in the build quality. Inaccurate welds or bad screw connections can also lead to an early demise. About the best barbecue cutlery then decide again the quality of workmanship and longevity.

4.2. What belongs to the grill cutlery?

First and foremost, the answer to this question depends on what kind of grill you are. If you limit your barbecuing to the bare essentials, that's enough 3-pc. Barbecue set with the three main tools - which we have dealt with extensively in the text - completely.

However, if you are a more ambitious type of barbeque, then we recommend a larger set of cutlery such as one Grillbesteck suitcasewho also like other barbecue accessories Grill Tweezers or a Grill thermometer contains.

4.3. Is there a grill cutlery test of Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has not yet conducted a barbecue cutlery test. In the our comparison but you should use the criteria used all important information You will need to find the personal grill cutlery test winner among the represented products.

But be careful if you buy a very cheap barbecue cutlery that made of melamine has been. The resin can be toxic at elevated temperatures, which Stiftung Warentest urgently warns in a June 2011 article.

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