Barbecue in the garden

A summer garden party with friends and neighbors includes juicy steaks and grilled sausages combined with fresh salads and tasty dips. Ideally, regional meat is used and self-grown vegetables from the kitchen garden are processed into skewers and salads. But already in the choice of barbecue divide the spirits: While some amateur grill masters swear on the delicious aroma of the traditional charcoal grill, others are convinced of the immediately accessible and metered heat of the gas grill. We explain the differences when grilling with gas or charcoal and inform you about the use of special wood chips for a unique smoke flavor.

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Contents: Barbecues in the garden

  • Which grill is right for me?
  • Cheer on charcoal grill properly
  • Charcoal or barbecue briquettes?
  • Liquid or solid grill lighter?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the charcoal grill
  • Use gas grill properly
  • Advantages and disadvantages of gas grills
  • Essential safety aspects when grilling
  • Wood chips for a unique smoke flavor

Which grill is right for me?

Before you can serve and enjoy delicious meat dishes from the grill, you have to opt for one of the numerous grill models, which all have individual advantages and disadvantages and lead to different taste results - so at least the opinion of many grill masters. Often the desired atmosphere is crucial:

A gas grill can be fired at the push of a button, so that the desired heat is given in seconds: A long and often laborious Charcoal with barbecue and lighter ignores, so a gas grill is often used when spontaneous with the family should be grilled and no long stay in the Outdoors is planned. However, this also has the consequence that the cheek, which many people understand as a beloved grill ritual, is omitted in the gas grill. Here scores the charcoal grill, as the open fire provides a suitable atmosphere at the barbecue party and the coal for a long time gives off a pleasant warmth.

But how are gas and charcoal grills different in the application and how can you increase the safety of grilling in the garden?

Cheer on charcoal grill properly

The charcoal grill turns the barbecue into an experience: Its charcoal and barbecue lighter take some time, which is often used to get in the mood for the evening together. Once the coal has burnt through, its smoke creates a unique aroma in the meat, which provides the typical "barbecue flavor". But how is a charcoal grill properly and safely lit?

The cheer creates the typical grill atmosphere.

Light the barbecue

If you want to barbecue with charcoal, you need to bring patience, because the firing is time-consuming and exhausting. In order to make the coal glow, the fire must be constantly fanned, such as with a hair dryer, fan or paper plates. Alternatively, you can resort to a powerful hot air gun, which, however, relies on a power supply. Furthermore, a bellows for igniting the embers and distributes them evenly over the grill briquettes.

Coal lighting is particularly easy with a special charcoal starter, Fill the fireplace with coals and place it on burning material that lies on a fireproof surface - such as the grill. Thanks to the ventilation slits integrated in the ignition chimney, the fire is lit again and again and the coals heat up very quickly, often twice as fast as with ordinary grill lighters. Using the heat-resistant handle, the coals are then transferred to the grill. Here you can lay out in advance aluminum foil, in this way, the heat is enhanced and the grill can be cleaned later easier.

Tip: If you do not place the coals in the entire grill, but only on one side or in the middle, you can barbecue indirectly. This means that the meat is seared over the heat, and then cooked through next to the coal and so particularly juicy inside. In addition, sausages can be kept warm longer without burning. You should not eat black, charred spots.

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