Build a bar table yourself - you have these possibilities

If you would like a bar table in the party room, or if you would like to have a breakfast bar in the kitchen, you can also lend a hand. What options there are for a DIY and what you need for it, you will learn in detail in this post.

Opportunities for DIY

  • Bar table made of kitchen worktop
  • Bar table wall
  • Bar table with frame for DIY

Bar table made of kitchen worktop

The easiest way is to build the bar table yourself from a kitchen worktop. Kitchen countertops are available in many different designs, sturdy and easy to clean. The prices often start at 8 - 10 EUR per meter worktop, the width is usually always 60 cm (or 63.5 cm for individual plates).

construction method

A bar table can be constructed in different ways: either one uses two side panels, left and right of the table top. Alternatively, you can either attach one side of the panel to the wall (to get a space-separating bar) or hang it up on an existing kitchen worktop (breakfast bar).

For fixing you should use angle iron. Those who prefer a less visible attachment, can use special mounting options for the right-angled screwing of side panels and plate.

Cutting in the hardware store

Special plus for a lower workload: All parts can already be cut to the required size on request in the hardware store and have the cut edges glued.

Bar table wall

A bar table can also be placed on a small wall. Either one walls C-shaped and sets up a worktop on top, or one only walls two side parts. Also L-shape is possible.

The walls are best used with Ytong stones. They are lightweight, easy to split and relatively easy to work with, especially when using planers. After the walls you can plaster the stones suitable. Do not forget about the balancing layer (mortar bed) under the first stone row.

Bar table with frame for DIY

Instead of the walls with Ytong stones you can also build a simple frame construction out of squared timbers. It can also be C-shaped or L-shaped. The squared timbers are connected with metal angles. In the interior of the construction you can also install shelves - for example as a stowage space for glasses and other things you need.

Tips & Tricks

The bar also includes matching bar chairs. You can also build them yourself, or you can just buy them. Do not forget to pay attention to the appropriate height for the DIY bar.

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