Base color, crack filler and co: Wall colors briefly presented for outside

In the outdoor area, paint coatings have to endure a great deal, and sulfur dioxide-containing exhaust gases are often added to climatic influences. And then there are the paints with special properties, such as crack fillers and insulating agents: How these wall paints look for the outside and when you should use them, you will find in our overview.

These exterior wall paints exist - and that's how they look

We have compiled for you an overview of the special wall colors for the outside, together with their characteristics. In this way, you will quickly find the right coating agent for your needs.

Wall paint for the outsidepropertiesuse
Facade color (dispersion)weatherproof, easy fillingContinuous facade protection hides irregularities
silicate paintweatherproof, highly breathable, exhaust-resistantrobust, diffusible, ecological paint
Crack Filler Colorweatherproof, high fillingfor facade with plaster cracks
base colorhighly durable, easy to clean, highly weather-resistantdurable base coat
Isoliergrundierungisolated spots of metal or plantsto shut off translucent stains
Self-cleaning facade paintLotus effect: water rolls off, dirt does not hold, highly weather-resistanthigh protection against pollution, also against algae and fungi

For every purpose, there is the matching wall paint for the outside, whether you want to design a colored base, fill plaster cracks or remove old ivy traces. In addition, there are the matching primers, which cause a firm surface adhesion of the paint.

If you want a silicate coating, please keep in mind that this color grade is created exclusively for mineral substrates. In addition, the liquid color has a high pH and should therefore be processed with protective clothing.

With which wall paint do I paint damp outside walls?

If your outer walls are wet, it's best to keep your fingers off the paint. Start the search for the cause of the flooding and fix it together with a specialist.

Then the wall has to be dried well until it is overpaintable. Lasting exposure to moisture not only causes every wall paint to peel off again, it also leads to mold and damages the fabric of the building.

In addition, all existing damage must be repaired before repainting. After that, a normal façade or base color is sufficient to paint your wall from the outside.

Tips & Tricks

On busy roads, the façade gets dirty very quickly: wall paints based on silicone resin ensure that the outer walls remain clean for as long as possible, and these coating agents are particularly weather-resistant.

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