Wooden skirting boards in white: the special wall finish

Very light floors are not so common in the household - if, but then a correspondingly bright wall finish is necessary. Even with many other floors, such as Sichterstrich, a white skirting board can be an interesting eye-catcher. Read all about wooden skirting boards here.

Wood as a valuable material

By far the most skirting boards made of wood are made of MDF, real wood variants in white or almost white tones, however, are rare. The most common materials here are listed below.

Although a white plastic strip is also a possibility, but often seems much less high quality.

Possible materials for white baseboards

  • Solid wood - but are rarely found in white
  • MDF, the most common variant
  • White paint, high quality and usually a bit more expensive

Approximate guide prices

In general, it is calculated by running meters, less often by piece. The average prices for most variants are around 2 - 3 EUR per running meter, but also double and more is possible for very high quality materials.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • sind.de Skirting is the specialty here - also in white, next to it in many different types of wood.
  • billigwagner.de A long-established company dating back to 1865 with more than half a million meters of ledges in stock.
  • holzbarmen.de Here you will find a wide selection of different baseboards, also in white lacquer.

That way you can save costs

Of course, MDF is the cheapest option, high-quality white lacquer or wood decors made of real wood, however, are usually more expensive. Also, look for remnants or special offers when buying, and take a look at eBay.

Tips & Tricks

When calculating the necessary material, you may also have to include miter cuts and in any case a reserve of around 5 - 10 percent. Ask the expert what he recommends best.

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