Basement dehumidification - health for the whole house

The entire building suffers from a damp cellar and can be damaged. Due to the damp musty smell in the basement and the constant danger of mold you can not use the cellar as long as it is wet.

Gradually eliminate the evil

First, you should check whether it is a real damage caused by leaking pipes or the like. When it comes to penetrating water from the outside, of course, both the basement and the basement walls must be extensively renovated from the outside.

If the damage was caused only by a faulty or missing ventilation, you should first try to take action against the moisture with simple steps.

Basement dehumidification - health for the whole house: health

Bring air to the basement

If the basement has no possibility for comprehensive ventilation, one should definitely be created. For example, on hot summer days you should never ventilate during the day. But who wants to get up at night to air in the basement for a few minutes?

Electric ventilation

Ideal for basement dehumidification and to keep the rooms in the basement in the long term free of moisture and mold, is an electric ventilation, which sucks any wet moist air up to the outside.

If this electrical exhaust system is combined with a timer, you have the option to run it for a few minutes in summer, for example, once or twice a night. So the moisture is literally pulled out of the cellar.

Set up furniture freely

When the furniture in the cellar was right in front of the wall, the air can not circulate and behind the furniture the walls begin to mold. Of course, then the furniture is not free of mold and mildew.

On the other hand, if the furniture is removed by about ten to twenty centimeters from the wall, the problem is already significantly reduced, if not completely disappeared.

Tips & Tricks

The most effective method, if there is no structural damage, is of course a proper dehumidifier. But this is expensive to buy and maintain.

It is cheaper to use a fan heater in combination with an electric exhaust air. Both can be matched very well with timers.

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