Is a cellar worth a prefabricated house?

No question, a cellar is very practical: you can store many goods "elegant", ie without cultivation. But worth the extra costs and the significantly longer construction time anyway? In this article, you will learn whether you should build a cellar for your prefabricated house and what you can pay attention to.

The advantages of a cellar

But why are so many developers choosing a basement? It offers clear advantages: Not only the high degree of storage space convinces, but also the resale value; a house, whether prefab or solid house, with a cellar brings you more money in the sale than a house exclusively with bottom plate.

But a cellar is even more versatile: Not only storage space, but also bathrooms, a sauna or even a party cellar with a bar - some things are "under the earth" better than in below-ground floors.
Even technical rooms find suitable space in the basement and thus take no place from the "right" living space away.

Is a cellar worth a prefabricated house?: house

What additional costs does a cellar cause?

One reason why some homeowners decide against a basement despite the many advantages is the cost: a decent cellar needs a good insulation that stores heat and is totally resistant to moisture. In addition, the excavation must be paid; The bottom line is an average of 40,000 euros more, with additional "luxury" also like double.

To make the cost calculation realistic, you should also take into account the improved resale value: So part of the additional costs "gone" and the basement is not quite as expensive as initially thought.

To what extent is the construction time extended?

Especially for prefabricated houses, the short construction time is a big plus: An average prefabricated house will be built in one to two days. A cellar prolongs this construction period, at least in relative terms, considerably: As a rule, it takes three to four weeks more to build a prefabricated house with a cellar.

However, if you consider that the interior work takes eight to twelve weeks, the extended construction time should not be a serious criterion when it comes to deciding for or against a cellar.

What else do I need to keep in mind?

Not every plot of land is suitable for a cellar: Before purchasing the property, be sure to find out exactly if you can build a cellar there, if you have decided to do so. Mostly a sandy, soft ground is the reason.

Also, you should pay attention to when and how often you ventilate in your basement: Faulty airing leads to the ingress of moisture and leaves the formation of mold free rein.

Tips & Tricks

Look at your needs: Do I really need a cellar? If you have little use for an underground floor, you can save a lot of money on the construction.

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