The cellar is under water - that's the right way to react

If the basement is under water, the right reaction can prevent some of the damage right away. Whether it's a water pipe break or a heavy rain, whoever acts fast and takes some basic rules to the fore mitigates the damage.

Cause of damage determines the right action

Of course, if possible, the water should be pumped out of the cellar as fast as possible. But when it comes to insurance damage, it's just as important to document the damage.

To prove the true height of the water level in the basement, photos help best. You should put a ruler into the water and take a picture of it. So you can prove the water level exactly. Only then should the water be pumped out of the cellar.

The cellar is under water - that's the right way to react: right

Flood or heavy rain

If the basement is under water because of a flood or a heavy rain summer storm, all you have to do is consider whether you have covered elemental damage insurance.

Those who do not have such additional insurance need not take the documentation of the damage so accurately, but should start immediately to pump off the water.

Fire department also clears this damage

Depending on how much water is in the basement, it may make sense to instruct the fire department with emptying. Where a voluntary fire brigade does its job in small communities, one can also be very lucky with the price of this action and, in the best case, get away with a drink delivery.

But you should not necessarily call the emergency number at the fire department. After all, in most cases when the basement is under water, it is not a life-threatening situation.

What to do if the basement is under water?

  • Turn off the water at the main tap if it is flooded with tap water
  • Turn off the power
  • Document damage
  • Pump off water
  • Report damage to the insurance
  • Possibly have cables repaired by a plumber
  • Dry rooms in the basement - if necessary, borrow electrical drying equipment
  • Renovate walls

Tips & Tricks

If the damage on closer inspection but rather minor, you should not seek the same insurance. This often counts the individual cases of damage and not their amount.

So if you have a cheap and good insurance, you certainly do not want to be terminated after the third minidoe for, for example, 50 euros. It is often difficult to find a new insurance company.

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