Basement stairs in the spotlight: standards and aesthetics

Basement stairs are easy to define: they lead to the cellar, whether inside or outside is irrelevant. Basement stairs, like all other stairs, must meet certain building standards. In addition, there are many ways to make a basement stairs modern and aesthetic that they have no common ground with the gloomy stairs from childhood days.

How should the basement stairs be designed?

According to German legislation, the sole basement staircase is a necessary staircase, which means that it must comply with the regulations for escape routes. It should not be as steep as a space-saving staircase that leads to the uninhabited loft.

DIN 18065 specifies exactly which standards a necessary staircase must meet. One-family and two-family houses have an exemption: here, the basement stairs do not have to connect to the other stairs in one go to serve as a single escape route.

For a basement stairs in the outdoor area, a rainwater drain and a dirt trap are recommended. The regular cleaning ensures that slippery wet leaves and moss on the steps have no chance. Anti-slip coatings provide extra security.

Cellar stairs may look beautiful!

Modern interiors can easily do without dark corners. The cellar stairs are aesthetically designed in many new buildings in the bright light, often there is further housing under the ground.

The joy of using the basement for residential purposes is enhanced by a beautiful, well lit staircase. There may even be a light shaft that directs sunlight onto the stairs. A pedestal at the top takes the basement stairs a short distance.

Anyone planning a simple concrete staircase for the cellar can beautify it in a simple way: with a liquid plastic coating, the staircase receives an appealing surface that is quick to create and looks good. Many different decors are available.

Ideas for beautiful cellar stairs

We have put together further ideas for a beautiful cellar staircase to ensure that even in older homes, this area is upgraded:

  • Painting the stairs in friendly colors
  • Applying wall tattoos on the risers
  • Dressing the stairs with laminate, tile or stone
  • Double up steps with solid wood
  • Paper risers with colorful wallpaper
  • Decorate stair railings with fairy lights
  • Apply LED strips on the steps
  • Uplights on the walls
  • Recessed spotlights for steps, walls and ceiling
  • Install light shaft or glass walls
  • install a self-supporting staircase for more airiness

Tips & Tricks

When building the basement stairs, make sure to follow building standards. Inquire about how steep the slope may be and keep to the minimum dimensions for the performances.

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