Pump out the basement with or without help

Powerful pumps do the job of pumping out a cellar full of water. In particularly serious floods comes the fire department. This is free as long as there is no self-fault - this includes the not closed backflow valve.

Fire department and backwater valve

In case of heavy rain or flood, the fire department can be called to pump out the cellar. The use is free of charge for the injured party, as far as the water has penetrated through windows, doors and stairs from the outside. If the water has been pushed into the cellar through a toilet or a sewer manhole, there is self-neglect.

It is a building law obligation to install a backwater valve in the event of large rainfall or flood. This must be closed at the beginning of increased water supply. If there is an own fault, only the self-pumping helps. In some regions, the rules for liability differ from general case law.

Pump out the basement with or without help: pump

Three types of pumps

For the main amount of water, an ordinary submersible pump is sufficient, which can be borrowed from hardware stores. For very polluted water with many foreign substances and high sludge, a special dirty water pump with a higher filtration capacity should be used. They are offered by some specialized equipment rental companies.

If the water level has dropped to a few millimeters, the remaining water must be skimmed off and lapped with rags. Since a cleaning of the flooded space after the flood is necessary anyway, doing both at the same time. The last millimeter water level can also be pumped off with a special flat suction pump. The final cleaning remains necessary. When pumping out the cellar, care must be taken with each type of pump that the intake manifold remains free.

Tips & Tricks

A water level in the basement that exceeds or exceeds the socket height will present an acute risk of electric shock. Check that all fuses of the power supply are switched off before touching the water.

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