Decorate basement window

The trends are clear: people are increasingly tempted to decorate their windows lavishly. Very specific windows were never paid much attention - the basement windows. But that too is changing. More and more people are considering how to decorate their basement windows. We give you tips below, but also explain what is important to note.

More and more people see their house as one unit

Basement windows are usually kept very simple and usually not even intensively maintained. It is not uncommon to find the dirt of recent years on the glass panes. But more and more people see their house as a whole. Similarly, as the bathroom has been seen as a necessary complement to living space for decades and today is a firmly integrated component, it also works with basement windows.

Ways to beautify your basement windows

They are just there because you need them. But since nobody ever really lingers in the basement anyway, it does not bother if the basement windows are dirty and full of cobwebs. But more people are turning to upgrading their basement windows. There are just as many options as beautifying and decorating all other windows:

  • Swipe windows
  • Cover the window
  • Decorate window

The painting of the basement windows is still the classic version. You do the same as you also delete other windows. It is only important that you take into account the characteristics and characteristics of the material from which the windows are made (wood, plastic, metal, etc.)

Cover cellar window

Covering the windows would be another option. You can use different slides to mirror the window, for example. But also blinds can be retrofitted. For example, you can choose from bamboo or other eye-catching material to make the basement window more comfortable and cozy.

Decorate basement window

When decorating the basement windows, there are numerous possibilities. There are almost no limits to your imagination. A good example is the light shaft for the cellar windows. More and more often it can be seen that residents reproduce real scenes here.

For this purpose, simple children's figures made of plastic are used and simply placed in the shaft. A good example would be yellow rubber duckies. The gravel in the light shaft is replaced by a blue gravel and then just a few rubber ducks or fish are placed in the shaft.

You have to take that into account when decorating

You just have to keep in mind that it does not just rain in most light wells. In addition, the water can rise quickly here in heavy rainfall. On the one hand, you have to decorate the light shaft in such a way that the water can continue to flow unhindered. On the other hand, you must only use decorative objects that can withstand the adversities of the weather in the light shaft.

Tips & Tricks

Simply browse the Internet and enter suitable search terms. In particular, platforms that specialize in photos and pictures can provide many ideas on how to decorate and beautify your basement windows strikingly and individually.

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