Basement window - cost of replacement

Although the cellar may not be used as a living space, the windows are often true energy hurlers, which represent a real cold bridge. Owners of an old building often do not get around to replacing the basement windows. Here we show you how much you have to expect when replacing the windows.

Reasons for an exchange

The drafts and the rising cold from below cool the floors of the living rooms above. This is not only expensive in terms of heating costs, but also very uncomfortable foot cold for the residents.

Leaky old cellar windows can also penetrate into the unheated rooms much moisture, which inevitably leads eventually to mold in the basement. The mold spores are extremely harmful to the health of the inhabitants.

Function of the cellar window

The lower acquisition costs have homeowners at a basement window with a fixed glazing. Although a turn-tilt window offers the better possibility of ventilation, as far as security against burglary is concerned, the fixed-glazed window is of course the safer choice. If there is a burglar-proof shaft on the outside of the cellar window, you should therefore use a turn-tilt function, as this will prevent mold growth.

  • Turn-tilt function - better ventilation - risk of burglary
  • Fixed glazing - no ventilation - cheaper to buy - no burglary

Examples Costs for basement windows

In our examples, the installation of basement windows is already included. All our examples have a good double glazing. The difference in the price is usually only in the function of the window and in the material.

  • Hard-glazed plastic - about 160 EUR
  • Turn-tilt function plastic - about 190 EUR
  • Hard-glazed wood - about 280 EUR
  • Turn-tilt function wood - from 350 EUR
  • Firmly glazed metal - about 150 EUR
  • Turn-tilt function metal - about 200 EUR

Tips & Tricks

The choice of material is an important decision for your new basement window. For the cellar, windows with a plastic frame are the best solution. Wooden windows suffer from the strong temperature differences and may therefore need to be painted more often than usual.

The offered metal windows should not be confused with the otherwise offered aluminum windows. These metal windows are made of a significantly lower quality material, which may even rust due to the strong moisture.

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