Buy cheap basement windows: How to find the cheapest way

Basement windows can have very different prices, which depends not least on the type of window. To keep prices low for your basement windows, read this post.

Basement window buy cheap

Of course, if you want to buy basement windows cheaply, it is first necessary to know what kind of basement window you need at all. Steel cellar windows are certainly the cheapest - and therefore the most sensible alternative - for unheated basements used only as storerooms.

In addition, they also provide a meaningful forced ventilation of your cellar, which can prevent permanent moisture and also for effective protection against invading animals that are behind your supplies.

Buy cheap basement windows: How to find the cheapest way: find

In heated cellars, you must then usually dodge on plastic windows, but the simple tilt windows also cost very little, in small sizes you get such windows already partially from 40 euros. However, the price with higher quality glazing then also rises quickly.

The thermal insulation of your basement windows depends on the circumstances and circumstances - you should not, if you really want to keep the price low, with the U-values ​​do not exaggerate. A U-value of 0.9 may be very useful in windows for the living rooms - in cellar windows that is rather questionable. Just do not do too much good here, because that will usually be expensive.

So you can save additional costs

The most important tip to save costs: Only buy what you actually need. And this can often be a very simple window variant with only average glazing quality in cellar windows. In many cases, that does not matter.

Tips & Tricks

However, for low-energy houses or very low energy coefficients, keep in mind the requirements that the building's planner has placed on the basement windows - you should definitely meet those requirements.

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