Resurfacing the sink - that's how it works

Even sinks and baths are getting old. You do not necessarily have to replace them immediately. What rebuilding options are and how well they can be read in this post.

New coating by a specialist

Many companies offer a re-coating of shower trays, bathtubs or sinks. Different coating materials are used:

  • Plastic coating based on epoxy resin as a hot coating
  • Ceramic-based coating
  • Coating with car paints or similar materials

Plastic-based hot coatings have the highest material thickness and are very durable. In the case of the ceramic coating, the coating material bonds firmly to the substrate and is completely durable. For coatings with other materials, the durability and quality of the coating depends on the particular material.

Costs for new coatings by the specialist

The costs for new coatings depend on the area to be coated and the prices of the executing company. If the coating happens in the course of a bath renovation, one can certainly consider having all ceramic surfaces coated at once - that's usually worthwhile.

The coating of plastic bathtubs or shower trays can cost anywhere between 400 and 500 euros (including all necessary work and renewal of silicone grouting) - so you have to expect considerable costs.

Re-coat washbasin with bath varnish

  • sink
  • Bathtub varnish (set)
    - stirring wood, sandpaper, paint roller, paint tray (usually included in sets)

1. Preparation

Remove silicone joints. Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be treated with a special cleaner from the kit.

2. Repair sink damages

Repair any damage (scratches, cracks, spalling). There are special repair materials in most sets.

3. Apply lacquer

Mix components and apply with the roller. Corners and edges can be painted with a brush. Here you have to work very carefully and cleanly. After a certain specified time, a second coat of paint can be applied (usually around 1 hour waiting time). Let it harden.

Tips & Tricks

Seals also make cleaning sinks easier again. Dirt can not settle and limescale can hardly arise.

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