Install sink afterwards - is that possible?

Sometimes you would like to have a washbasin where you just do not have one - for example, in the toilet. Whether this is possible, which effort that means and whether this is actually worthwhile, read in this post.

Problem missing sewage connection

A lack of drainage in a room is usually not a problem. A so-called small lifting plant can easily transport waste water to the nearest downpipe.

These small lifting systems are very easy to install. It is just a pump element, occasionally with chopper (if toilets are to be connected). The devices are extremely space-saving and can also disappear behind wall constructions or be easily installed behind a porch.


The purchase price for a small lifting plant starts at about 100 EUR, depending on the performance and dimensioning of the equipment and required flow rate usually costs from 200 - 300 EUR for the device.

The connection is unproblematic and the devices work relatively quietly and inconspicuously in the background.

Problem water connection

Replacing a missing water connection (cold and hot water) is more problematic and also more expensive. The necessary plumbing work for laying new water pipes and making the connections can - depending on the required laying a very high cost.

If necessary, loop guides are also required, the installer must assess whether a simple spur line is even possible (cold water connection). Here are always concerns about the water hygiene to fruition.

The prices depend entirely on the local conditions, and can not be specified flat rate. An estimate of the installer operation is certainly the only sensible means to get a cost estimate for your own case.

Tips & Tricks

In general, you will probably only be able to install an extra sink at reasonably reasonable cost where water connections are in the immediate vicinity and can be easily branched off.

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