Make batgirl and bat costume yourself

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: yourself

Bats make some people scare, while others find them cute. Who is to Turn Halloween into a bat or slip into the role of Batman or Batgirl wants, stands out with its self-made costume from the purchased disguises.

In this guide we will show you how to get out an umbrella and black clothes a bat costume do it Yourself.

This costume can easily be transformed into a vampire costume with fake blood and vampire teeth. For the foolish carnival days make it an individual Batgirl or Batman costume.

Who against it Catwoman, Batman or Joker costume after the cartoon idols would like to do, finds tips in our movie costumes for carnival.

Instructions: Make bat costume yourself

All three costume variants are made according to the same steps. To keep the emblem in the chest area of ​​the Batgirl or Batman costume, you better take a black hoodie for them. Also suitable is a T-shirt, sewn to the black hood has been.

Step 1: Disassemble umbrella

First, the black umbrella has to be disassembled. For this unscrew the stick and handle and removes with the pliers the individual fastenings with which the Paragon rods are mounted on the slider.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: batgirl

First remove the slider and stick of the umbrella

Step 2: Make wings for the bat costume

The wings arise from three adjacent spokes and their counterparts. From the two remaining poles, which are also opposite each other, later the bats will be made.

Carefully cut the straps holding the two spokes to the fabric of the umbrella and lay them aside. To cut Use a pair of scissors to cut the fabric of the umbrella along the exposed seam in two equal halves. You get two halves each with three spokes.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: make

Remove two opposite spokes for the bat ears

For the bat wings you only need the fabric and the long spokes. The kshorter connecting rods, with which the individual spokes attached to the slider were not needed. Use pliers or a cutting tool to remove the small clips that secure the spokes to the tie rod.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: costume

Spreading bat wings

The individual spokes should be as close to the fabric as possible. Stand too far, You will be using black sewing thread and a needle on the fabric sutured.

Step 3: Sew wings on the bat costume

In the next step you sew the two Bat wings at the bottom of the sleeves and side of the hoodie or shirt on. To do this, unfold the garment and pull the sleeves straight up. Put the umbrella fabric on the sweater and pin it down with pins.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: costume

Pin wings with pins and cut out ears

Now, from the first triangle on the lower side of the sweater, take a narrow piece of fabric for the ears: mark with a Pin the height at which the short rib is located.

Cut in at the bottom of the wing high, narrow triangle to the mark and repeat this step on the other wing. Then sew the fabric near the pullover seams.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: batgirl

Push the spokes on the armpit behind the sleeve

Importantly, the three spokes should converge at about armpit height and theirs Ends pushed through a small opening on the back of the sweater become. This gives your arms more freedom of movement later. So that the spokes do not slip, they are tied together with black yarn.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: batgirl

Join the ends of the spokes with yarn

Step 4: Make bats ears

For the bat ears you need the second step removed spokes and the two fabric triangles.

Fan the spokes as shown in the picture on the rightso that the shortest and longest spokes are on the outside.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: make

Each ear consists of three spokes pieces and fabric

The second ear is mirrored. Eventually, the Loosen the clamps of the metal rods with a pair of pliers and sew the pieces together with thread at the pointed end become. Likewise, you sew the spokes on the umbrella fabric.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: batgirl

The bat ears point upwards with the tip

For the next step, it is helpful that Hood over a doll or hairdressing head to pull the ears evenly on the bat costume to fix. The bats should be slightly curved inward, so it may take several tries to get them in the right position.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: yourself

The positioning of the ears is the hardest part of the costume

Tip: In order for the tip of the ears to point up, the seam is placed diagonally against the hood. Cut off the excess fabric.

Now the bat costume is almost finished. The Hoodie can be combined with black pants or a skirt and you're ready to flutter over Halloween and carnival parties as a bat or batgirl.

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: yourself

Finished is the homemade bat costume

Make batgirl and bat costume yourself: yourself

Batgirls combine the sweater with a black skirt or pants

security Alert

This bat costume is not suitable for flying despite the attached wings.

Tips for a Batgirl and Batman Costume with Bat Wings

Who from this bat costume Batgirl or Batman costume, additionally requires T-shirt transfer film for dark textiles and black, elastic fabric. The Batman emblem is printed on the foil. Then iron it firmly on the front of the t-shirt or pullover without steam.

For one Batgirl and Batman mask is measured with a tape measure the area from the left to the right temple and the distance from the hairline to just above the tip of the nose. Then transfer the measurements to the fabric and add approx. 1.5 cm for the seam.

You should also mark the positions of the eyes. Now you cut that Fabric and sews it to the top and sides of the hood firmly.

Tip: With a stretch fabric, the hood and mask are easier to remove and put back on.

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