Lacquer ceramic bathtub: a guide

Older bathtubs often do not look very good anymore, especially the outdated colors do not fit into the modern ambience anymore. So it's time for a colorful renewal! Bathroom ceramics can indeed be painted over, the installation of a new tub is therefore not absolutely necessary. We provide you with instructions in 6 steps.

Special paints for ceramics

Special 2-component paints are suitable for painting ceramics, but also for decorating acrylic tubs. You can also use it to color match your sink and the shower tray in the bathroom.

However, you should always work on a clean, dry, grease-free and roughened surface, so that the paint really sticks permanently and your ceramic looks long beautiful.

A guide to painting ceramics

  • Bath cleaner / limescale remover
  • water
  • 2-component lacquer for bathroom ceramics
  • Lappe / sponge
  • dust broom
  • scraper
  • silicone
  • 320 sandpaper
  • masking tape
  • foil
  • paint roller
  • brush

1. Thoroughly clean the ceramic surface

Clean the bathtub of all traces of lime and grease. Wash thoroughly with water. If rust spots have already formed, they must either be sanded down or treated with rust remover. Remove adjacent silicone joints.

2. Mend flaws

Cracks and flaking are best repaired with a special repair kit. Grind the dried spatula spot flat, but do not use the spray paint in the set.

3. Sand ceramic

Now sand the entire bathtub thoroughly with fine sandpaper and dust everything off again.

4. Mask off fittings and edge areas

Use the masking tape and foil to protect fittings and edge areas well from splashes of paint.

5. Paint the ceramic

Use the 2-component paint according to the instructions. Paint the edge zones with the brush and the surface with the paint roller. Work quickly and evenly. Allow the paint to dry for about an hour and then paint again.

6. Replace silicone joints

After the paint has completely dried, apply new silicone joints in the edge zones, preferably in a suitable color.

Tips & Tricks

Take care of your old bathtub with the new look: Do not use abrasive cleaners!

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