So the bathtub is sparkling again

The bathtub is one of the household items that we use daily. Frequent cleaning is therefore absolutely necessary. However, it should be noted that this frequent cleaning can also cause damage to the bathtub. In particular, improper handling of the cleaning materials and improper cleaning agents can cause scratches, chipping or chafing. However, there are simple means by which the luster and cleanliness of a new tub can be maintained for a long time.

What can happen?

Excessive cleaning agents that are applied undiluted to enamel or painted acrylic baths can cause color changes. The cleaning agents may attack the paintwork and dissolve it. Often it is recommended to use abrasives or scouring pads if the edges of the bath are very dirty. However, these agents strongly attack both enamel and acrylic tubs. Lacquered enamel tubs are new very hard and resistant. However, the use of scouring agents or the like destroys the smooth, dirt-repellent surface and littered with small scratches. This creates many deposits for dirt particles, the tub is increasingly difficult to clean. The same thing happens with acrylic tubs. These are also very resistant due to their coating, however, scouring agents or scouring sponges also cause small scratches here, which on the one hand greatly reduce the gloss of the surface and on the other hand form depositing surfaces for dirt particles.

What remedy, how do you ideally clean?

Both acrylic and enamel tubs should be cleaned with care. Soft cleaning cloths are indispensable if you want to keep the dirt-repellent layer of the tubs. Microfibre cloths are ideal for cleaning, as well as a simple, mild and skin-friendly detergent. Special cleaning agents are not necessary. Heavy soiling such as grease or cosmetic edges should be removed immediately after they have been formed with warm water and a soft cloth to prevent discoloration of the bath. Lime deposits, such as those that occur in hard water areas, can be quickly and easily dissolved with diluted citric acid. It is important that the acid is rinsed off immediately with sufficient water. So the luster of the tub will be preserved for a long time.

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