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  • A bathtub seat is a daily help that helps persons with reduced mobility when showering or bathing, by facilitating the independent entry and exit into and out of the tub and sitting in it.
  • Most bathtub seats are light in weight and easy to install in the bathtub. Often they are supplied partially assembled and can be adjusted to the centimeter to the individual tub width.
  • In addition to the basic model, a simple board without backrest, there are also seats with backrest and seats with upholstery. Depending on which comfort class you choose, you can benefit from extras such as additional grab handles or a rotating function.

Bath seat comparison 2018: bath

The German population is getting older, A forecast by the Federal Statistical Office shows: By 2060, the proportion of people over the age of 65 should be 34 percent, In 2000, this was just under 17 percent.

When old people's strength wears off, self-evident actions like self-contained showering and bathing are no longer easy. To still in advanced age To maintain the highest possible degree of independence in personal care, there are everyday aids such as the bathtub seat.

In our bathtub seat comparison 2018, we present you the different types of bathtub seats and discuss the most important purchase criteria such as the material and the maximum load capacity in our purchase advice.

1. Independence and safety in the tub: the bathtub seat

Bath seat comparison 2018: comparison

A bath board makes body care easier in the shower tray.

The bathtub seat (also bathtub seat) is used to restrain, weakened or injured persons as support in the independent body care in shower and bath.

It can be fixed as a seat or board simply on or under the edge of the tub and gives yousupporting hold when walking on and leaving the shower tray.

He also lets himself as comfortable seating when washing use. This also accommodates people with circulatory problems and weak joints. Getting up and sitting down is much easier due to the raised position than the deep entry into the bathtub.

Helpful support If the person concerned can no longer wash himself, the bathtub seat makes the work easier for the people who care for it.

2. Board, stool and seat - these are the bath seat types

If you would like to buy a bath seat, you can basically choose between three different types of construction. The following table explains the differences between bathtub boards, stools and seats in a concise and clear way:


Bath seat comparison 2018: comparison

Bath seat comparison 2018: bath

Bath seat comparison 2018: bath

  • without backrest - is placed on tub edge
  • usually has lateral grip
  • stowed space-saving when not in use
  • mostly without backrest and handles
  • fixable on the bottom of the bathtub
  • to be used separately as a stool
  • often with back and z.T. padded handles
  • can be placed on the edge of the tub or hung up
The safest model of the three categories is the classic bathtub seatbecause it provides the most reliable grip. He also has the most comfort. If the bath seat is rotatable, you are particularly flexible in your movements.

3. This should be considered when buying your bath seat

3.1. Material: Plastic proves itself


The functional area of ​​the bath seat for seniors can be extended. You can use this e.g. use to shave your legs while seated, or as a children's or baby's bathtub seat, to shower your children slip-proof while sitting.

Most bathtub seats are made mostly of plastic, This has the advantage that thereby the weight of the seat is kept low, making it easy to assemble and disassemble and transport. Furthermore, plastic is a very easy-care material that is easy to clean.

Many plastic tub seats are based on a frame made of stainless aluminum. This is very sturdy and gives your seat stable hold. Suction pads made of rubber protect the tub from scratches and provide the necessary slip resistance.

3.2. Seat: The dimensions depend on your tub

Bath seat comparison 2018: seat

Example of standard dimensions: A bath board by Ridder.

Depending on how wide your bathtub is, the Adjust the seating area of ​​your bathtub seat to the dimensions of your bathtub using a suitable device.

The seat of a good bath seat is ergonomically shaped and has rounded edges and drainage holes through which the shower water can flow.

In addition, these recesses ensure that you do not slip off during personal hygiene. When done, the surface also dries faster through the holes.

resilience: To ensure a secure fit, you should pay attention to the maximum load limit specified by the manufacturer when purchasing. This is on average 150 kg. Many seats are even able to lift a load capacity of over 200 kg.

3.3. Assembly: It is very easy

Bath seat comparison 2018: bath

Most of the tub boards and seats are relatively easy to attach to the tub.

Most bathtub boards, stools and seats will be already partially assembled delivered to your home, All you have to do is plug the items together and you can easily attach the seat to your bathtub.

Place the bath boards and seats on the edge of the bath and fix them with the adjustment rails below the seat. Some models are very easy to hang in the bathtub.

The bath stool is placed on the bottom of the bathtub and fixed to the bottom of the tub with rubber suction cups. Thus, the stool is usually slightly lower in the tub than the board or seat.

In addition, to facilitate entry into the tub, you can access other tools, such as bathtub access (eg bathtub handle).

3.4. Accessories for more comfort

Clean bathtub seat

So far, the Stiftung Warentest has not performed a bathtub seat test and thus has not chosen a bathtub seat test winner. The testing institute has tested various bathroom cleaners for the test issue 03/2016. Be sure to clean your seat from time to time, as well as the entire bathtub.

Special comfort is provided by an anatomically shaped, relatively soft seat. A backrest and handles give you a grip. Some models come as standard, others need to be purchased separately.

If the bathtub seat is rotatable, a simple pivoting with little effort is possible. This gives you more freedom of movement in the shower tray.

Bathtub seats are rarely lowered. Most bath stools, however, are height adjustable.

Separately available accessories such as an entry aid or a bathtub insert provide greater slip resistance, safety and stability.

4. FAQ: Questions and answers about bathtub seat

4.1. Which manufacturers and brands are recommended?

You are wondering where to go buy the best bathtub seat and which model suits your needs? Our bath seat comparison 2018 shows: The largest selection can still be found in the medical supply store, Also in the sanitary trade and online (for example, Amazon) you can now find what you are looking for. Here you will find a wide selection of manufacturers and brands.

Bath seat comparison 2018: comparison

Swiveling bathtub seats usually offer a high degree of comfort and safety. But that is also noticeable in the price.

Basic models low price you will find e.g. from the brands Sani-Alt or Wenko. Here you give for a cheap bathtub seat, usually a simple board without backrest, between 20 and 30 euros out. This board has basic equipment such as a grab bar and, like the more expensive models, is adaptable to the size of the tub.

A bit expensive It is with manufacturers such as Ridder and Weinberger. Expect a price of around 50 to 70 euros for a backrest with extras such as one or two grab handles, a swivel function and drainage holes.

High-class models you can, for example from Aidapt, Homecare and Homecraft purchase, Here you pay a price ofbetween 100 and 150 euros for a very good bathtub seat. This promises in addition to a particularly high seating comfort, e.g. through padding numerous extras or is partly height adjustable and also heavy duty.

Dietz bathtub seats and bath seats by Wenko are often bought. Get one here Overview of manufacturers and brandsthat should be mentioned in a bathtub seat test:

  • Aidapt
  • The nursing experts
  • Dietz
  • Drive Medical
  • GAH Alberts
  • Nottingham Rehab Supplies
  • Royal Beach
  • Ridder
  • russka
  • Sani-Old
  • Sundo
  • Teckmedi
  • Weinberger
  • wenko

4.2. What are electric bathtub seats?

Bath seat comparison 2018: seat

Special support for bathing for seniors: The electric bath lift.

If you come across the term "electric bathtub seat" in your search for the best bathtub seat for seniors, it is called a bath lift.

In contrast to the classic bath seat, the electric bath lift workslike a lift and is controlled by a remote control.

This considerably facilitates entering and leaving the bath, whereby the electric bath seat is particularly suitable for people with disabilities and severely weakened persons.

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