Hang the bathroom cover properly - a guide

Hanging the bathroom ceiling is worthwhile to reduce the heating costs in a high room. But even an uneven ceiling can be concealed so well. The ceiling cladding is suitable for sinking decorative built-in lamps. We provide instructions for do-it-yourselfers, from studs to fillers.

Hang the bathroom ceiling: You should pay attention

Lay the electrical cables for the bathroom lighting before the plasterboard panels are installed. At this point in time, also determine exactly the position of the built-in lamps and note the distances in cm.

After installing the plasterboard, you can then cut out the holes for the lamps with the cutter knife and insert the lights.

If you also want to insulate your bathroom ceiling, then you clamp damp-proof insulating material between the battens. Inquire about whether you need a vapor barrier film.

Instructions for hanging the bathroom ceiling

  • dowel
  • screw
  • Squared timbers 6 x 4
  • Easily screws
  • Plasterboard
  • Moisture-filler
  • Silicone in cartridge
  • water
  • Handkreissäge
  • impact drill
  • Easy Screwdrivers
  • spirit level
  • Chalk line
  • ruler
  • metal rail
  • Cuttermesser
  • caulking gun

1. Measuring the substructure

Measure the course of the basic battens and counter battens exactly and mark them with the chalk line on the bathroom ceiling.

2. Sawing and screwing on squared timbers

First screw the base battens to the ceiling, then across the counter battens. Exactly measure the wooden slats and cut them with the circular saw.

Use the spirit level to check that everything is straight, and if necessary, use washers to repair it to obtain a flat surface.

3. Screw plasterboard to the substructure

Now screw the plasterboard onto your substructure. Using the cutter knife, cut the individual plates along the metal rail and chamfer the cut edges slightly.

4. Deep base and spatula

Apply a deep primer to your gypsum plaster boards and fill the surfaces completely with wet room spatula. For safety, you can spray the suspended ceiling all around with silicone.

5. Design the bathroom ceiling after hanging out

Now you have the opportunity to make your bathroom ceiling with plaster or paint at will. Use moisture-proof materials for this purpose.

Tips & Tricks

You can correct an uneven ceiling by using metal hangers for timber construction. Attention: This requires a particularly high ceiling height.

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