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Build bathroom furniture yourself: German

Build bathroom furniture yourself: Bathroom furniture such as a bathroom cabinet, rollable base cabinet, vanity or bathroom accessories such as a towel or hair dryer holder can be built and designed according to your own wishes. We offer free building instructions for the individual bathroom equipment.

A renovation of the bathroom is imminent and it still tips and suggestions are needed on how to proceed? On our bathroom consultation page you will get a lot of interesting information about bath renovation or partial renovation. One learns how the bath with simple means - for example, without gluing tiles - brings up to scratch. In doing so, we also take a look at the latest trends in bathroom decorators. Click here for our bathroom advice.

Contents: Build bathroom furniture yourself

  • bathroom cabinets
  • Pedestals for the child-friendly bathroom
  • bathroom accessories

Build more furniture yourself

  • nightstand
  • couch
  • lamp
  • bed
  • shelf
  • wardrobe
  • table
  • coffee table
  • kitchen furniture

bathroom cabinets

Bathroom shelf and towel rack

Instructions for a towel rack, a towel rack and a stylish bathroom shelf to copy.

Washbasin cabinet

Project report on the construction of a cabinet for a washbasin. Detailed illustrated instructions in 5 parts.
at HolzwerkstattBlog

Build a hanging shelf with bed lighting

Instructions for a narrow hanging shelf with bed lighting - Ideal as a reading light suitable.

bathroom shelf

Stylish and modern - with aerated concrete slabs and stones as well as tiles or mosaics.

1 day, 1 project - Free hanging shelf

Beginner-friendly construction manual for a free-hanging mini-shelf in the material value of about 40 euros. Illustrated manual with a lot of basic knowledge.
at Ich bin Blog

Towel rack for the bathroom

Construction manual for a towel holder for drying towels in the bathroom as a leaning shelf made of beech solid wood.
at Westfalia Versand

Washbasin cabinet

Construction manual for a puristic vanity unit made of Buchholz glue boards for advanced do-it-yourselfers. Illustrated instructions and blueprint with building sketches as PDF download.
at Westfalia Versand

Bathroom sink unit

Round vanity unit with storage space, ideal for small bathrooms
at Amateur Woodworker

Bathroom mirror cabinet

Construction manual for a mirror cabinet plus shelf made of 19 mm MDF board
at Baumarkt

Vanity unit from old cabinet

from the 50s with doors trinket in five variants
at Baumarkt

Toilet roll stand with

Towel bar and compartments for reading
at Baumarkt


Instructions with construction drawing
at blueprint Construction Manual

Bathroom towel rack

Bathroom towel holder with shelves and towel rail
at Do it yourself

Pedestals for the child-friendly bathroom

Vanity unit with pedestal

The pedestal can simply be pushed out and in and makes it easier for children to access the washbasin.

Pedestal on the washstand

Flap door and pedestal for the little ones.

bathroom accessories

Hairdryer holder with shelf

for hair gel or hair spray plus suspension for hairbrushes.

Mirror in the sea look

Instructions with sketches and measures for the construction of a Mediterranean mirror.

underfloor heating

Lay with screed elements made of gypsum fiber
at Baumarkt

Bathroom towel rack

Bathroom towel holder with shelves and towel rail
at Do it yourself

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