The bathroom perfectly planned

When you and your family have collected all the ideas for your new wellness bath, the time for planning begins. You have made a cost calculation and have come to the conclusion that your wishes are feasible.

At the beginning is your previous bath, which you want to redesign. Do not discard everything from this stock. Instead, try to reuse existing connections and technical requirements. These include at least one hot and cold water connection each, a waste water connection, the lighting supply to the bathroom, any sockets for the washing machine and dryer, the equipotential bonding and a radiator or underfloor heating.

Step 1: The paper sketch

Sketch a floor plan and enter the locations of these connections as well as doors and windows. Now furnish your bathroom with all the ideas you want to implement. Do not think about laying cables etc., because this would only hinder your creativity.

The dimensioning and spatial feasibility takes place only after that.

Step 2: Use your bath mentally

Use your bath mentally. Go to the bathroom, use the sink and the bath. Take a shower while another family member gets ready at the mirror. In this way test all functions of your bath, detect weaknesses such as the lack of lighting on the make-up mirror and make the appropriate changes.

Step 3: The design

You have certainly collected ideas for the design of your bathroom and brochures in the bathroom studio and sanitary specialist markets. Now combine the bathroom furniture with tile colors and tile sizes. Mentally build lights. Bring spatial design, colors, style of living and functionality to a common denominator.

Step 4: The technique

Your ideas can only be implemented if all technical requirements are met. Experience shows that the drainage pipes are the biggest problem. They must be laid with a gradient. In a large bathroom, therefore, long distances to the sewage connection can make your plans fail.

Thorough planning also requires the planning of the water technology in the shower or at the whirlpool. With thermostatic mixer taps, shower panels, massage jets and many other technical possibilities, the choice is as big as never before. Use the time of planning because later changes will be costly.
In addition, experiment with lighting scenes and built-in loudspeakers for relaxation music.

Step 5: Planning the installation

If you find your previous planning as perfect, only the planning of the cable routing is missing. Take advantage of today's technical possibilities with undercovers and floor linings. With thoughtful wiring you can save a lot of money.

Thorough planning helps you to the bathroom with feel-good character.

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