Bathroom planning - from the bathroom to the bathroom

From the wet room to the bathroom

Bathroom planning - from the bathroom to the bathroom: room

Gone are the days when the bathroom was a wet room filled with sanitary ware that served function rather than aesthetics. The sole purpose of this room was to be the place of necessary body cleansing. Because only the other rooms were made homely to their own taste, the door of the bathroom remained shyly closed. These bathrooms had little in common with the bathing culture of earlier times.

Already around 3000 BC Chr., There were ritual baths, the Egyptians and Romans were known during their heyday for their public bathhouses, but also for the (depending on the state of society) already integrated in the house baths. From the end of the 19th century, bathrooms in the apartment were luxury symbols - the wash tub was something special.

This article deals with the importance of the bathroom in today's world - in the form of the residential bathroom!

In the 70s, As more emphasis was placed on home design, the bathroom experienced its recovery.

Designers suddenly dealt with the topic "bathroom" and "bathroom" designed complete bathroom series, in which the individual products were formally coordinated. Now, the bathroom was also mentally included in the design of the apartment. However, there was still a long way to go before today's "living rooms".

The reasons why you want to renew your bathroom are very diverse. An outdated bathroom should be more beautiful and functional, in the best case enlarge or adapt to the changed family situation. A single household has become a multi-person household. Or the life situation has changed, e.g. an outdated family bathroom is to be converted to the senior citizens bathroom.

Careful planning necessary

It certainly takes some courage to get involved as a handyman to a complete renovation of his bath venture closer. Easier here is certainly a partial renovation. Some suppliers of sanitary ceramics in the hardware store offer the Do-it-Yourselfer a variety of assistance in the form of detailed assembly instructions or complete sets that contain all the necessary products and accessories. In addition, an attractive product presentation and informative brochures should make the DIY store customer feel like bathing.

At the beginning of each renovation is the detailed bathroom planning. Decisive is the optimal utilization of the space. No matter what the floor plan is, there is the optimal design for every room. It begins with determining which ports are located and whether you are bound to certain installation sites.

However, one should take into account that it does not always have to go "along the wall". Thanks to the pre-wall technology, a more individual and optimal use of space is possible. Are these fundamental issues and the budget clarified the individual and personal wishes involved in the planning.

  1. Should the bathroom contain a shower and / or bath tub?
  2. How many wash basins should be installed in which size
  3. Which toilet model should be taken?
  4. Is there room for a bidet - maybe even a urinal?

In the selection of its products The home improvement should take a lot of time. Anyone who does not dare to be creative enough to put their bathroom together individually should rely on the series recommendations of leading manufacturers, because the products in a bath series are formally coordinated. Quality products that have been tested in accordance with DIN standards guarantee accuracy of fit when mounted to walls and floors and also offer a wide range of technical details.

A decisive role is played by the color design. It does not always have to be white. Color accuracy according to established standards of the sanitary industry ensure color-matched products.

Tubs and showers for every room

When planning your bathroom, it is best to start with the product that needs the most space - the bathtub. Hardly anyone would like to do without them today, offering them the greatest well-being effect of all bathroom products. Even "Bademuffel" treat yourself now and then a full bath for relaxation or physical discomfort.

A variety of the offered bathtubs can be equipped today as a whirlpool. The interested are here a variety of technical-functional variants to select.

What to look for when buying a tub now?

First of all the material used. Baths made of steel enamel and acrylic are offered. The well-proven enamel pots are robust and easy to clean - but sensitive to impact. They are - for technical production reasons - offered mainly in the rectangular standard form.

On the other hand offers Acrylic due to its good ductility various possibilities. In addition to the standard formats, whose outer length is between 170 and 180 cm and a width of 75 cm, individual models are also available, such as oval, six and eight corner baths or corner baths. The latter offer a completely new way of bathroom planning and provide more freedom of movement, especially in small bathrooms.

who despite a limited room size do not miss a bathtub would like, which should fall back on a space saving pan, which does not affect the bathing comfort despite its limited size.

From an ecological point of view Recommended tubs that are adapted to the body shapes. They are "constricted" in the trough center, which reduces the filling capacity and thus contributes to water savings. In the best case, you only need about 85 liters in a full bath. Acrylic is also easy to clean, non-slip, feels pleasantly warm and has a visually beautiful surface gloss.

Separate showers have only been around for about fifteen years. Today, they are indispensable in any bathroom and sometimes completely replace the bathtub. Shower trays come in different shapes and sizes. The advantages are obvious: A shower comes with little space and you can clean and refresh yourself with little time and relatively low water consumption. Shower trays as well as bathtubs are made of enamel or acrylic. When buying, you should make sure that the shower partition is a perfect fit. There are now many variations available for every budget.

expert tip

Before the start of the renovation work you should a precise budget and bathroom planning do. The questions: Where are the installation connections? What is my budget (including possible costs for external services)? Which requirements should the bathroom fulfill in the long term? They protect the handyman from unpleasant surprises.

Laundry area with a lot of comfort

Bathroom planning - from the bathroom to the bathroom: planning

More and more design moves into bathroom washbasins

In the bathroom offer more and more possibilities to realize his personal style. When it comes to bathroom design, today there is a trend towards more functionality and aesthetics. Was formerly the so-called furniture washbasin with converted furniture units (side and side cabinets, light-mirror elements, etc.) expression of a high-quality bathroom furnishings, so today washstand units with matching solitary furniture are preferred.

In any case: More storage space and more individuality. The number and size of washbasins depend on how many people live in the household. If there is only the possibility to install a washstand, it should have a minimum width of 70 cm. The morning trouble and stress in the use of the bathroom can be best prevented with two single washbasins. They are already offered in a width of 50 cm. Optical and hygienic advantages are offered by semi-columns or columns.

In the hardware store will be Washbasins of different shapes and materials offered. Ceramics are certainly the most proven material. Its smooth surface makes it particularly hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to acid and heat. The product origin plays an essential role here, because only products that are produced according to clear guidelines and quality standards guarantee safety in terms of the selection of raw materials and pollutant-free glazes.

The quiet village

The selection of the toilet is usually less important. Here are the brand manufacturers Assistance by complete bathroom series. These include both wall-mounted and floor-standing toilet models, deep and flat rinse and the matching toilet seats. All products are designed to match the entire bathroom program. Quality products also offer an increasing number of hygienic benefits, eg. B. by concealed fasteners, removable toilet seats and glazed Spülränder.

If the space is available, you should set up your new bathroom At the same time think about the installation of a bidet and / or urinal. If the bidet is increasingly forced out of the bathroom due to our growing hygiene standards and the daily shower, then the group of buyers is growing for the increasingly popular urinal. The "urinal" was previously conceivable only in public toilets, so today it is a useful addition in spacious private bathrooms or guest toilets. This is made possible by its deliberately restrained design and the urinal lid.

If you want to enjoy your bath for a long time, that should not be the price, but rather the Focus on product quality when choosing your bathroom equipment. It is important to inform yourself about the manufacturer and his quality commitments.

expert tip

When buying one should go up Product quality, product range, color accuracy Pay attention to established standards and use the assistance of user-friendly brochures, assembly instructions or even complete sets.

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