Renovating the bathroom: a look at the costs

No bathroom is the same, there are not only differences between a simple functional bath and the high-quality wellness bathroom: the cost of bathroom renovation is therefore also very different. Nevertheless, we can give you some useful clues!

That's the cost of refurbishing your bathroom!

So that you can better classify your own renovation project, we would first like to list important factors that determine the costs. The following points significantly determine the final price of the renovation.

  • The square footage of your bath is one of the most important cost factors. If you want to renovate a larger bathroom, then of course, more work is required: you need a higher number of tiles, the rest of the equipment is usually more extensive.
  • Your personal taste continues to decide on the costs incurred: If you want very special tiles, possibly even a hot tub and a steam shower, then this drives up the final price. But even many little extras cause a total of higher costs.
  • If you are renovating a bathroom in a winding room, you will have to pay more than you would in a simply rectangular room. Tiling of many smaller areas requires more working time, in addition you need partially specially designed sanitary facilities.
  • The degree of renovation also plays a crucial role. If you want to renovate a bathroom in an old building, you often have to repair pipes and electrics, sometimes even beyond the actual bathroom.
  • The demolition of an old bath is a hard, time-consuming job, which the craftsman of course extra charges. Those who help with this will save costs.
  • Consider also the regional price differences of the craftsmen. In the countryside you will be able to renovate your bathroom at a lower cost than in the big city.

So you have some cost factors in your own hands - others can influence you little or not at all. Sometimes it pays to spend a little more money on your bathroom to really be satisfied over the next few decades.

Sample project to renovate bathrooms: specific costs

A family urgently needs a new bathroom. The room is 15 square meters and is located in an old building. The entire sanitary facilities, the tiles and some old pipes and the electrical system must be replaced.

The homeowners want a nice bathroom in the normal price range with a few extras: a sophisticated lighting and a steam shower. The room has a window, so it is not necessary to install a ventilation system.

The family hires craftsmen for all the necessary work, as the individual members themselves do not have time to get involved. So you get an all-inclusive package!

Cost overviewprice
Removing the old equipment1,200 EUR
waste disposal130 EUR
New wall plates moisture barrier1,400 EUR
electrician2,100 euros
lamps600 EUR
heater250 EUR
plumber1,300 EUR
Pipes and other material.450 EUR
Tiler2,200 EUR
Tiles and additional material2,000 EUR
sanitary1,000 euros
Walling the bathtub250 EUR
Stones and mortar170 EUR
Seal all joints160 EUR
totalRenovate bathroom Total cost 13,210 EUR

Simple bathroom or pure luxury? A look at the cost cutting

Lower cost limit: the simple functional bath

For some people, a bath just has to work. If you want to renovate your bathroom and above all the low cost in the foreground, then you opt for a simple, functional equipment.

With standard tiles from the hardware store, a cheap radiator and a practical standard shower, you can also renovate your bathroom for less than € 10,000.

However, it is highly recommended to put a certain value on quality. Cheap tiles, for example, usually turn off very quickly - and your bathroom should last a long time!

High class: the wellness bath

You want more than a functional or average bathroom? You would like to have some extras for physical and mental wellness, such as a special radiator, lamps with color changes and a steam and rain shower?

Your spa bath will cost you about 30,000 euros: more extras increase the price, of course. From a certain level of upscale amenities you can speak of a real luxury bathroom.

The luxury version: upper price range

The exquisite marble bathroom with whirlpool, light spectacle and steam sauna is something for true connoisseurs - and people on a big budget. A bathroom of the upper price range is not to have less than 40,000 euros - up there are no limits.

Pay less, cut costs

As part of the household services, you can deduct a part of the resulting craftsman's costs from the tax: do not forget this at the next payroll tax compensation!

Before you renovate your bathroom, ask each artisan to submit a written offer first, and also obtain comparative offers. Only then you have the opportunity to compare specific costs and choose the cheapest provider.

Of course, a lot of extra work will be done by several craftsmen, but it probably pays off in a much lower final price!

Tips & Tricks

Above all, the preliminary work does not necessarily have to do a craftsman. The removal of the bathroom equipment is physically exhausting, but you save a lot of money. But you better keep your fingers away from electrics and pipes if you do not know it!

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