Bathroom renovation

Each bathroom is affected after several years of use. The shower tray shines no longer as new, the tile joints are worn and from the inspection opening of the bathtub flows a musty odor. He comes from the leaky silicone joints on the walls. The time has come for a fundamental renovation.
Surely you can do without your bathroom for a short time and you are interested in a quick execution of the renovation. Many companies offer such a service by dismantling the existing sanitary equipment, renovate or coat the tiles, as well as provide the sanitary articles with a new coating and install new bathroom fittings. This solution will breathe new life into your bathroom when expertly done. However, you have achieved only a partial renovation, because errors in the technology or moisture penetration due to leaking joints and wall connections are not eliminated. So if you want to avoid a one to two week construction site in your bathroom, you can fall back on such an offer. However, connect it with a profound control of all structural and technical facilities.

Step 1: Offer and job description

It is up to you whether you order two or three of these companies for a suburban visit. If you would like to make changes and modernizations in the course of this bath renovation, you should also submit suggestions from each of these companies. At least one of these companies will be flexible enough to change their usual package offer and incorporate their modernization wishes. However, please also ask for the inclusion of specialist trades plumbers and electricians. Have all of this work clearly and priced in a quote with an attached job description.

Step 2: the execution

The commissioned company begins with the dismantling of all sanitary facilities. All water and drainage pipes are opened and fittings such as the bathtub or shower tray are removed from their enclosure. At this time, the plumber's job is to put pressure on all pipes and decide on pipe rehabilitation. At the same time, have the structural condition, which until then was hidden, assessed and, if necessary, remediated. This is your inevitable cost risk because it may require work that was previously unforeseeable.
Overall, this form of bathroom renovation is still an efficient way to the new dream bathroom.

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