Renovate the bathroom - well planned for the dream bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the apartment. But not only its usual use leads to gradual wear and tear on tiles, bathroom furniture and sanitary equipment. Anyone who has ever opened a wastewater siphon is shocked by the many deposits that have formed in the pipes. In addition, silicone joints have become leaky and the tile joints in the shower have absorbed soap residue and dirt. A bath renovation is required, but this should only cause the costs that are required. So how do you tackle this work?

Step 1: the inventory

At the beginning of a bath renovation you subject all furnishings, so WC and bidet, shower and bath, mixers, tiles and equipment of a thorough examination. Your experience from use will be taken into account, whether there is always enough hot water or the drain is constantly blocked. They consider whether many tiles are damaged or unsightly and investigate whether there are already wet damages.

Step 2: Get to the bottom of problem cases

If you have detected any damage or technical errors, you are now conducting cause research. However, you should be aware that the renovation has already begun. Inspection shafts, drains or junction boxes are often difficult to open and these checks can cause damage.

Step 3: the planning

The result of your investigation now flows into the planning of the bathroom. However, take this opportunity to fulfill your long-awaited wishes for the refurbishment. Redesign your bathroom as a complex job, removing damage, getting reusable items, and introducing new bath components.

Step 4: the beginning

At the beginning of the practical execution is the dismantling of old sanitary facilities and possibly the removal of the tiles. During this work, make sure not to damage any cables. But also expect that they z. For example, you might encounter wetness damage behind the removed bathtub, which you were previously unaware of. Accordingly, you must constantly adapt your planning to the facts found.

Step 5: the renovation

Once you have gutted your bathroom, the remedial work will begin with the complete removal of all structural damage. Everywhere, where tiles or the masonry have become dilapidated due to wetness damage, is before the reconstruction of their repair.
Then your bath renovation will be a success with long-term effect.

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