Repaint the bathroom

For a long time, the bathroom was considered a necessary appendage to an apartment. But this area has long since become part of the living space, which is consciously and affirmatively designed. Afterwards you will find a guide so that you too can paint your bath to make it an oasis of relaxation.

The painting in the bathroom requires special consideration

Bathrooms have been functional for many decades. But here you often start the working day and finish it relaxed in the bathtub. For many people reason enough to repaint their bathroom and then also with a great feel-good factor. However, keep in mind that the bathroom is subject to special requirements.

  • Bathrooms are often wet and damp
  • when showering splash water comes to the wall with soap
  • Bathrooms are often heated to slightly higher temperatures

Make sure that there is no mold

All this already gives a good climate for mold. So check if your bathroom is affected before painting. If necessary, you must select colors with an anti-fungus additive. Of course, you can pretreat mold with appropriate means.

Moisture and soap splash

Moisture and moisture should not get into the masonry. Use an appropriate wall color for these requirements too. Also make sure that the paint is also resistant to alkalis, such as soap and shower gel on the wall.

Step by step guide to painting the bath

  • suitable wall color
  • possibly deep and barrier primer
  • Leveling compound for repairing cracks and boreholes
  • Masking tape
  • Malerabdeckfolie
  • different paint rollers
  • different paintbrushes
  • Quast
  • working easel
  • Paint bucket with Farbabstreifgitter

1. Preparatory work

After making sure that there is no mold, seal cracks and old holes with putty.

2. Masking

Now stick the areas that should not be painted (tiles, baseboards, etc.). Lay out the foil.

3. The priming of the bath

Depending on the primer, you can spray on it with a spray bottle or paint with a brush (quast). Please observe the processing instructions of the manufacturer.

4th prank from the bathroom

Once the primer has dried you can start painting your bath. First, corners, edges and niches are painted with the brushes. Brush liberally into the areas to be painted later with the paint roller, so that you can paint wet on wet. This significantly reduces the risk of stains.

Now roll the large areas up and down or across. Depending on the first direction of roll, roll the color across the first roll without new color pickup. So the color is blended, which is also good for less stain risk. You may have to strike your bath in a second pass.

5. Reworking

Now you can remove all tapes and remove the cover.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to work with different colors, first paint your bathroom in the lighter basic color. Now glue the surroundings to the surfaces that you want to paint with a different color. Now paint again with the base color and let it dry. Only now do you paint the surface in the other color. This will prevent this color from running underneath the tape, creating ugly fraying.

You will not find articles in the house journal for just painting the bathroom. Among other things, also to the heater delete and other topics.

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