Glue bathroom tiles: That's how it works

Tile stickers are a godsend: every old and unsightly tile mirror can be turned into a stunning tile wall in an instant - and it's even easier and cheaper. Read more here.

Tile stickers as a solution to many problems

Not only if a boring tile mirror is missing the decoration, or if individual damaged tiles are to be repaired quickly and easily: Tile stickers can also be used to make an old tile wall with little cost and time completely new.

The sticking itself is actually quite simple - and requires little skill. The costs are in most cases around 15 - 20 euros per square meter.

Of course, you can also cut your stickers out of a suitable foil - which is usually much cheaper.

However, it is important that you thoroughly clean the tiles before gluing - and degrease if possible. It is best to use nitro dilution.

Also pay attention to the joint design

If you are redesigning a tile wall with tile stickers, you should absolutely make sure that the joint color still fits. Otherwise, you first have to paint the joints in a suitable color.

This is not a big task, but it can be tricky to choose a really good joint color. The same tiles appear partially visually different with different grout colors.

A tip may be to arrange the tile stickers on paper of the appropriate color to test the visual effect. This is still an approximation method, but it is a fairly meaningful one.

Tips & Tricks

With plastic film that you pull over the entire tile mirror and the joints, you can also design impressive motivational walls. Even simple motifs are so lively and interesting through the underlying tile structure - and you have a highly individual tile wall.

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