Bathroom tiles with patterns: a new design option

Bathroom tiles do not necessarily have to be monochrome - there is also the option of pattern tiles on the bathroom floor or walls. Why this is a visually interesting option, and what is especially trendy here, you will learn in this post.

Bathroom tiles with pattern - unconventional but interesting

Depending on what the bathroom floor is tiled, there are different ways of pattern design. Porcelain stoneware and stoneware tiles tend to be more surface-related, while true color patterns are almost always found on glazed floor and wall tiles.

Here, some styles have become a real trend in recent years.

  • Art Nouveau
  • art deco
  • modern patterns in classic style

Especially Art Nouveau and Art Deco represent an interesting possibility, which is also quite impressive. With such floors and walls, the splendor of bygone eras is renewed and comes to life.

On the other hand, the ornamental and poetic design in the Art Deco style harmonizes very well, especially with classic bathroom furniture - freestanding bathtubs, bronze fittings and rather simple furniture with straight lines.

With such a design you should only take care not to "overload" the rooms as much as possible - especially with such an optical fullness, each part must really be in place and optically well tuned, otherwise the style will not work.

But it is an interesting possibility after all.

Pattern tiles as a decoration

Even in an otherwise unadorned and monochrome tile mirror in the bathroom decorative tiles can be installed - or added later. This animates otherwise monotonous tile levels.

It is also possible to use a series of pattern tiles as a border or end row. However, with all these options, you should make sure that a harmonious coordination and a uniform distribution of the decorative tiles is essential here for the optical effect in any case.

Tips & Tricks

You can also easily make pattern tiles from plain, plain tiles with tile stickers. This is fast and inexpensive - and also allows subsequent decoration of the tile mirror.

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