Renew bathtub coatings yourself

Bathtubs often suffer unsightly scratches or even spalling after many years of use. Under certain circumstances, the color just does not fit the interior any more. However, an expensive and expensive replacement is not absolutely necessary, because a new coating of the surface makes the tub appear in a new gloss in a comparatively cost-effective way.

Step 1 - The preparation

Prudent preparation is paramount and facilitates a lot of trouble and frustration during and after the actual coating job. First of all, it is important to find out what material the bathtub is made of. For this purpose, for example, enameled steel or plastics in question, which must be treated with different preparatory work and paints. The details of this can be found in the description of the corresponding coating sets. For deep scratches or chips, repair kits are available.

Step 2 - The preliminary work

The tub and the surrounding space must be thoroughly cleaned, as dust particles on the painted surfaces can cause permanent unevenness. Next, the silicone joints are removed, the adjacent tiles and surfaces are covered generously and taped or dismantled the fittings. Impurities such as lime and soap residues must be removed completely. The cleaners required for this are usually contained in the coating kits. Afterwards, deep scratches or other damages are filled out with the help of the repair sets and ground smooth. The roughening of the tub and the freeing of the resulting dust particles completes the preparatory work.

Step 3 - The coating

After completion of the preliminary work, the coating is started. For some materials a primer is required, which is applied very thinly with a brush or with a roller. A reasonable drying time should be scheduled. Next comes the color coat layer. Again, exactly the instructions of the coating sets are to be observed, so that no ugly noses and runners arise. Optionally, after a suitable drying time, a second layer is necessary.

Step 4 - The rework

Before the bath is put back into operation, several days drying time should be scheduled. Then the taped surfaces can be freed and the joints filled again with silicone. A use of the brand new coated bath is now nothing contrary.

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