Re-coat enamel bath - instructions

After many years of use, your bathtub does not look as pretty as it used to? The good news: you do not have to buy a new bath if the damage is superficial and limited, but you can simply recoat the old piece. For this purpose, you preferably use a special 2-component varnish, which will adhere well to the prepared substrate.

Properties of a high-quality bathtub varnish

Obtain a high quality varnish to coat your enamel bath. Make sure you have a high hiding power so that you do not have to paint it several times and that the dried paint has great resistance.

The classic sanitary colors from Alpina white to Pergamon are easy to find, for special colors, you should inquire best in the specialist shop or directly at the paint producer. For acrylic tubs you probably need a primer.

A guide to bathtub coating

  • silicone
  • joint knife
  • Entkalker
  • tile cleaner
  • Sandpaper (120s and 320s)
  • Bath Refinishing
  • associated hardener
  • Water and sponge
  • duct tape
  • foil
  • duster
  • paint tray
  • whisk
  • cloth
  • high quality brush
  • high quality paint roller

1. Prepare underground

Thoroughly clean the entire bath, repair damaged areas with epoxy or polyester putty, remove all limescale and all silicone joints. Sand the surface completely and dust it off.

2. Cover the environment

Stick the edges with tape and wrap the fittings with foil to protect against splashes of paint. So the environment stays nice and clean.

3. Coat enamel bath tub

Pick up your brush and carefully paint the edges of the tub with paint. Coating the large area with the roll, you also trim the brush marks on the edges.

4. Work quickly and accurately

Work quickly and accurately: first apply the paint thoroughly and then spread it carefully in all directions. Make sure that the layer is not too thick, otherwise runners or streaks.

5. Let it dry

Allow your freshly coated enamel bath to dry according to the instructions for use. If a second coat is necessary, apply it at the earliest 24 hours after the first coat of paint.

Tips & Tricks

Attention, the new paint may discolour! If possible, do not use mud baths or dyed bath additives in your lacquered bath. Also, contact with hair dye is to be avoided.

Video Board: Bath Resurfacing & Bath Re-Enamelling.