This is how the bath is coated

Is the existing bathtub already older and quite worn, with minor damage or just not in the right color to the newly renovated bathroom, then a new coating ago. This is to be seen as an alternative to the complete replacement of the bathtub, which is above all cheaper. For this, however, more work must be invested purely.

1st step: procure and process materials

The first thing on the agenda is the procurement of materials. Very practical here is a complete coating kit, which contains all the necessary components. As a rule, these do not have to be specially processed, but the materials should be at the right temperature. Especially on cold days, make sure that the temperature of the paints is at least 20° Celsius. Much warmer than 25° Celsius, the material should also not be. These temperature limits also apply to the bathtub itself.

2nd step: remove silicone

The first crafting takes place when the silicone is removed. It must be prevented that the silicone residues get into the bath during this work. A cover with a foil is very useful.

3rd step: Descaling the bathtub

After these preparations, a lime solution is poured into the bathtub. This is made according to the instructions of the descaler. Before, of course, the drain is sealed and the fittings packed in plastic wrap.

The lime solution is spread all over the bathtub and then the bath thoroughly rinsed. After rinsing, additional cleaning is carried out with a special cleaner. This is usually found in the kit.

4th step: Sand the bathtub

If the bathtub is decalcified and cleaned, the old paint can be sanded off. After completion of the grinding work, the coarse dirt is removed in a first rinse and after subsequent drying a fine cleaning with spirit made. Then the bath should be free of dust and silicone.

5th step: re-coating the bathtub

In the last step, the bath is now recoated. The paints mixed together according to the instructions are quickly applied, starting with the primer. The application takes place both in the longitudinal and in the transverse direction.

Video Board: Bath Resurfacing & Bath Re-Enamelling.