Bath Refinishing

Bath Refinishing

Bath Refinishing: Bathtub varnish

Bathtub varnish is one of the bath coatings that consist of a multi-component system. As a result, it has good adhesion to enamel and is resistant to hot water.

Bathtub varnish is used when repairing, renovating or painting over enameled surfaces in the bathtub, washbasin or shower tray.

Before use, the surface should be carefully cleaned, free of dust and grease and dry.

If you want to paint dark tubs with bright colors, you may need to paint them twice. The paint application of the paint occurs two days after the first.

Caution: bath paint is not suitable for acrylic baths or outdoors (swimming pool).

Simple tile paint or tile paint is not suitable for painting bathtubs.

Bathtubs by Molto and Jägerlack are available commercially.

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