Battery families - Power4All, SystemKIT or Power X-Change

Battery families - Power4All, SystemKIT or Power X-Change: power

Power4All, SystemKIT, or Power X-Change are internal names of Bosch, Makita, and Einhell used to denote tools all with the same battery form work. It is not limited to the voltage class, nor to the work area. The Most manufacturers offer 10.8 V, 14.4 V and 18 V cordless tools on.

With a battery family there is the possibility Cheap tools without battery and charger to buybecause they may already be present by other tools. Likewise, any purchase of a cordless tool with battery would expand the current battery inventory and thus provide more replacement batteries for individual devices.

This is no longer limited to tools, because who would buy, for example, a cordless coffee maker with expensive battery, as offered by Makita. However, if existing batteries can be used, the device will be cheaper and the purchase decision will be easier.

What speaks against cordless tools?

In principle, nothing! Nonetheless, many do-it-yourselfers have long since forgotten views based on their experience with older cordless tools. Here some examples:

  • Cordless tools do not have enough power.
  • If you need the tool, the battery is empty.
  • Constantly there are forced breaks, because the battery is empty.

Of course, there are other reasons and sometimes a lot of "own preference" is included. However, the three reasons are technical in nature and we will discuss them in more detail in the next paragraphs.

Cordless tools do not have enough power!

Battery families - Power4All, SystemKIT or Power X-Change: power

A lot of power with two 18 V batteries

Certainly, the cordless tools, as well as all other tools, set performance limits. However, these are often outside of the home improvement needs, As a home improvement hardly a cordless table or cordless miter saw is needed. Whereby even these are now available as a battery variant.

Hedge trimmers with a 80 volt battery, circular saws with two 18 volt batteries and even cordless hoes are available. Very few will really buy such devices, since the cost-benefit factor is given in the fewest cases. However, they show that there are no limits to performance upwards.

In the following example, we would like to be in the typical DIY sector and therefore look at the jigsaw. This is usually one of the very first power tools and can be found in every workshop.

Bosch green has five different performance categories: PST 650, 700, 800, 900 and the PST 1000. The number given in the product name refers to the maximum cutting depth in wood. For example, the PST 650 creates 65 mm in wood, the 800 mm 80 mm and with the PST 1000 we have reached the maximum of 1000 mm.

That is already neat but probably rarely needed. Let's put the battery version PST 18 LI here, it will land on par with the PST 800. So something above the midfield, which is absolutely sufficient for many.

Let's face it, who saws more than 80 mm wood or 5 mm steel with a jigsaw? Very few will actually need this power. In short, the cordless jigsaw is absolutely sufficient for almost all home improvement activities. The power requirement does not speak against a battery model.

If you need the tool, is the battery empty?

Let's do it, like Bruce Lee in Karate-Kid, empty the glass of knowledge and make room for new ones. Lithium-ion batteries have nothing in common with conventional NiCd batteries and can not be compared with the performance of old batteries. They have no memory effect and have an extremely low self-discharge of a maximum of 2% per month.

If you store your cordless screwdriver in the fall with a 3/4 charged battery, you can still work with it in the spring. The experience with NiCd batteries may therefore like to be disposed of and made new with Li-ion batteries.

Constantly there are forced breaks, because the battery is empty!

A lot of work means a high consumption of battery capacity. That is logical and unavoidable. But, we are talking about a tool or battery family here. This means that we probably do not just have a tool and therefore not just a battery. In addition, modern batteries get more and more capacity and can be charged faster. In contrast, before 5 hours on the charger, and then 5 minutes to work effectively, the times have changed today.

Most rechargeable batteries and chargers offer a charging time of one hour and often just a replacement battery is enough to work permanently. Replaceable batteries are charged faster than consumed in labor.

What are the advantages of cordless tools?

Battery families - Power4All, SystemKIT or Power X-Change: families

Hedge trimmer from the Bosch Power4All system

Arms high, who has already fallen over a cable or has gotten something from the workbench, because he got stuck on the cable.

Everyone is agreed on that point. Cables often hamper the work, restrict the radius of action and are a source of danger. But even the voltage source of 230 V can be dangerous in a wet environment.

Cordless tools do not require a 230 V power supply and no power supply cable that gets in the way, makes the working area smaller and can become a source of danger. Cordless tools work independently and are ready for use even without a socket.

These advantages are not limited to the workshop, because the tool manufacturers have extended the field of application of their battery families to many more areas. There are matching work lights, heatable jackets and the garden tools must not be left out. Especially here show batteries as extremely flexible are useful.

Several cables have already been run over by the lawnmower or shared by the hedge trimmer. From conductor accidents where the supply was the cause. It would not have happened without a cable.

The advantages are obvious. Cordless tools provide more security, can be used flexibly and allow work even where no voltage source is available.

What advantages do battery families have?

Battery families - Power4All, SystemKIT or Power X-Change: battery

The fact that cordless tools and rechargeable batteries are not exactly cheap, is certainly known to everyone. Anyone who already owns a cordless screwdriver of a battery family - for example Bosch Power4All - and would like to have a battery saw does not have to automatically buy the complete package with battery and charger. Tools of a battery family are also available individually and without battery or charger. This makes them much cheaper and the battery of the existing cordless screwdriver can be used in both tools.

Battery families - Power4All, SystemKIT or Power X-Change: power4all

One type of battery for many tools

For a birthday, you can then give batteries and can work consistently with both devices. In addition, accumulate over time, of course, some batteries that pay off. Rarely all existing tools of a battery family are used, but if you have only one battery for each, all can be used alternately for the tools you just need.

Another big handicap of different battery forms are the required chargers. Not only do you need more than one, they usually also have different quality or performance.

If, however, tools of a battery family are purchased without a charger, the money saved can be used to invest in one or two high-performance charging stations. Eliminate the cable clutter of many chargers and instead attach a good easily accessible in the workshop and all the batteries can be charged quickly.

Only benefits for the consumer or what does the manufacturer of it?

The answer can be summarized in one word and means brand loyalty.

Of course, a tool manufacturer wants to offer its customers a special advantage and convince them of its products. With the introduction of battery families, such as Power4All, SystemKIT or Power X-Change from Bosch, Makita and Einhell he succeeds even in two ways. The benefits of the user are obvious. He can decide for himself whether he buys battery and charger for each device, can use batteries in different devices, only needs a charger and quickly has some removable batteries.

The manufacturer improves its customer loyalty by bringing a good idea to the market in which the consumer sees its advantages, while at the same time "forcing" him to remain loyal to his brand. Battery families make sense only if the purchase of several tools from a manufacturer are planned.

If you already own a cordless drill and would like to buy a cordless jigsaw, Of course, you can access the model with the same batteryto change the batteries between the two devices.

For the development of battery families, both sides benefit for once. The manufacturer binds its customers and the customer likes to be tied up because it has several advantages.

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