Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the battery grass shear comparison or test 2018

  • The cordless grass shears have two main tasks: First, it is suitable for processing bushes and shrubs in your garden. For this purpose, a shrub shear knife is used, which reminds the unit a bit of the miniature version of a hedge trimmer.
  • Second, it cuts off overlapping grass that the lawnmower can not reach. The advantage here is the flexibility afforded by the small, handy tool. However, only small areas and margins can be edited.
  • Especially with cheap cordless grass shears suitable batteries and charger are included in the purchase. More expensive devices, however, often have a brand-own battery system. The batteries can also be used in other gardening tools and power tools of the same brand, but must be purchased separately.

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: shear

Since time immemorial, the lawn mower has been the undisputed master of the lawn. Above all, the Germans appreciate the reliability and ease of use of this device (Source: GfK). But there are Areas outside the reach of the lawn mowerThe lawn edges, the walls and curbs, to which he can not get close enough with his knives. Then the hour of the grass-shear and the friend of the garden laboriously removes the last straws with her.

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: shear

The edges of the lawn are the specialty of the cordless grass shears.

The Cordless Grass Shear (also: Cordless Lawn Shear / Cordless Shrub Shear) is a convenient "shortcut", Their sharp knives move jaggedly back and forth, cutting up any unmanageable tufts of grass. With a wave of the hand, a whole strip of grass is brought to fruition. That's how it works much faster than with a classic secateurs.

On Telescopic handle ensures that you do not even have to bend over, And that's not all: with a different knife attachment this grass shears also works shrubs and small hedges. If you are not afraid of investing, here's a real one Allrounder for the tool shed.

Get an overview of the different models with a special focus on the battery power supply in our 2018 Grassy Grass Shear Comparison. We help you in an extensive purchase advice to select the best cordless grass shears for your individual needs.

1. The strengths of the battery

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: cordless

Other electric garden tools can also be powered by rechargeable batteries, such as this Ryobi lawnmower. However, he is "hungry for power" as a small grass shear and requires two batteries in use.

The battery makes you very flexible when working in the garden.

No insanely long cable that could trip you over. No search for sockets that are a rarity in the garden anyway. And no annoying extension cable with associated cable drums.

Even with the electric lawn mower and scarifier, modern users are increasingly relying on battery operation. The devices are now so powerful that they gradually replace the stinking, roaring gasoline.

Modern batteries for modern gardens

In modern electric grass shears are long-life lithium-ion batteries installed, When you buy a pair of rechargeable grass shears, you do not have to worry about toxic nickel-cadmium batteries or any hybrid models.

One big difference stands out when comparing scissors: Not all electric garden shears can take the batteries out of the device, Some manufacturers here connect to your battery system, which supplies several power tools with a single battery or the same type of battery. This is extremely convenient and cost-effective, if you already own a drill or hedge trimmer brand, but otherwise costs you a nice bar of money.

Here we have the Advantages and disadvantages of a replaceable battery compared to a permanently installed battery in short:

  • If the battery / charger is still available from another device, they do not have to be bought again.
  • The customer can opt for a more expensive battery, which allows a longer term.
  • If there is a spare battery, it will charge while the other one is in use.
  • An old battery is easily replaceable.
  • In the purchase replaceable batteries are often very expensive.

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: comparison

One battery charges while the other is in use - provided the batteries can be removed from the device at all.

As you can see, the benefits of a replaceable battery are quite significant, In addition, primarily powerful batteries are used herethat can cut even thin branches. And the chargers do not need more than three hours to fully recharge the battery. In our battery grass shears comparison, this factor flowed therefore heavily into the rating.

The big disadvantage, namely the hefty price, makes these high-quality power tools but especially attractive if you have another use for the batteries, The 18 V battery from Makita, for example, could still be used for a cordless grass trimmer or cordless hedge trimmer.

Some well-known manufacturers, including Bosch, have opted for a fixed battery in favor of lower costs, which is why the quite popular Bosch Isio and Bosch AGS 7.2 LI models can be purchased at half the price of Ryobi or Makita cordless grass shears. If the price plays a decisive role for you, we recommend one of the less flexible devices.

You will learn about the information Ampere hours (Ah) how long the electric hedge trimmer runs without having to be recharged, Since electric lawn scissors are not just among the largest consumers, 1.5 Ah are usually sufficient for a one-hour use. In principle, however, a larger battery could be used and the running time extended.

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: grass

2. Two knife types for all purposes

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: cordless

The matching attachment transforms the cordless lawn edge trimmer into a cordless shrub shear.

There are two types of attachments for garden use of electric grass shears: a knife for cutting grass and a knife for cutting shrubs. The easy replacement of the cutting blades makes the grass shears an attractive universal tool.

With the shrub top wild wild shrubs in the garden can be brought into shape again. A prank over the surface and leaves as well as small twigs fall off cleanly. Pay attention to the length of the shear blades included in the set, If these are very short, the work is more complicated and takes more time.

The width of the grass cutting blade is not insignificant: If it is very narrow, sometimes several cuts are necessary to capture all the turf straws.

Shrub shearGrass cutting blade

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: shear

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: grass

The shrub shear blade transforms the electric grass shears into a kind of tiny electric hedge trimmer. The two superimposed cutting knives point straight away from the scissors. Thereby The grass shear does not cut forward, but sideways and is led over a shrub or hedge like a sword.With the grass cutting blade, the cordless scissors also receive two hastily trimming cutting knives. However, these are mounted so that the area is cut immediately before the scissors. The user pushes the device like a razor over the lawn and cuts it down.
Note that not always both cutting blades included and may need to be repurchased. Cumbersome, if you can not do without it - gentle on the purse, if you B. do not need the bush scissors attachment.

3. A telescopic handle ensures posture

Cordless Grass Shear Comparison 2018: 2018

The telescopic handle ensures painless working.

A crooked, aching back after gardening - that does not have to be, Almost any cordless lawn edging shears can be upgraded with a telescopic handle. So the gardener can stand upright while he removes the last blades of grass.

This makes the cordless grass shears with telescopic handle a popular working tool, especially among older gardeners. However, the artificial extension of the handle has a disadvantage: when used with extended grip reduces the precision a little. If you do not mind working on your knees, we recommend the conventional way of working - without a handle.

Do not leave other people in the workspace. Do not underestimate the injuries that can be caused by the blades of this device if used incorrectly.

Are you looking for a battery grass shear test winner?

The electric grass shears / electric lawn scissors / electric shrub shears is not yet represented by Stiftung Warentest as battery grass shears test. There, however, cordless hedge trimmers were tested, which come from the same category.

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